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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Humor from an Old Friend

Those who've been around for awhile may remember the marvelous Kerry Waffles site (gone, but not forgotten). The proprietor, Chris, dedicated countless hours and more than a few dollars to create an amazing multimedia experience. He was so good at it that Kerry's campaign shut him down not once, but twice. The above is a little bit of his newer photoshop activity. Thanks Chris!
Monday, March 07, 2005
Thank You, Michelle Malkin!

Our buddy John Hawkins (whose blog is at the very top of my blogroll here and at Brainster's for a very good reason) scores an interview with Mrs M. You gotta read it all, but this part had me cheering:

John Hawkins: Has Chris Matthews or anyone from his show ever gotten back to you and apologized for his despicable behavior when you were on his show?

Michelle Malkin: No. If he were a man, he would publicly apologize to John O'Neill, Larry Thurlow, and all the Swift Boat Vets for continuing to malign them without having bothered to read their book.

Oh, that is wonderful! Start with the deliciously snarky "If he were a man...." and then the defense of the Swiftees, who are our #1 heroes. As the guy who spent dozens of hours poring over Unfit for Command, Tour of Duty and the Boston Globe bio of Kerry, I can tell you that the Swiftees discredited John Kerry, not the other way around.
Sunday, March 06, 2005
Italian Journo Hostage Hoax?

My Pet Jawa has the details. Great post, Rusty!

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