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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Christmas in Cambodia, Part XXX

Tom Lipscomb, who wrote the article that touched off the VVAW assassination story, does a little hat dance on Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia.

But even assuming there is somewhere a top secret after action report that backs up Kerry and those nasty Swifties are taking advantage of the fact that we can’t see it because it is still classified, Kerry proudly told Russert and the world what his top secret mission was. “We delivered weapons to the Khmer Rouge on the coastline of Cambodia. We went out of Ha Tien, which is right in Vietnam. We went north up into the border. And I have some photographs of that, and that's what we did.”

If that is true, the United States should have shaken up the CIA 35 years earlier. The “Khmer Rouge,” so named derisively by Cambodian leader Prince Sihanouk, were the Cambodian communists who were later to murder millions of their fellow citizens in the “killing fields” in 1974. “Ridiculous,” snorted a former CIA station chief from neighboring Laos, “That is the equivalent of delivering arms to the Viet Cong.” Robert Turner, an expert on North Vietnamese and Vietcong affairs at the embassy in Saigon at the time and now a professor at the University of Virginia says: “Kerry has gone delusional. This is hilarious.” When Kerry was in Vietnam in 1969 the estimate of Khmer Rouge strength was only 2500. They would have been hard to find, much less deliver weapons to, scattered around a country of 10 million almost the size of Oklahoma.

Read it all, especially the part at the end about Form 180.

Hat Tip: Power Line
Leave It to the Ankle-Biters--Updated!

During the presidential campaign we were often amazed at how well the dynamic duo over at Crush Kerry managed to predict events with astonishing success. Well, they've moved over to Ankle-Biting Pundits and are still beating the pants off the press. Yesterday the Bulldog Pundit predicted that Al Franken would run for the Senate from Minnesota to replace retiring chicken Mark Dayton. Today, a local TV station has the news.

Just one day after U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton decided not to run for a second term, comedian Al Franken may be throwing his hat into the ring.

Tomorrow's news today: that's what you get when you read Ankle-Biting Pundits!

Update: Looks like Franken's staying put at Dead Air America.

"I believe in honoring my commitments," Franken said Thursday. "I agreed to do two more years on Air America radio."

Afterwards, though, Franken admitted the truth to his mirror: "I'm not good enough, not smart enough, and doggone it, people don't like me!"
Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Kerry Still Delusional

He gave a long interview to the Boston Globe.

'Let's get the record absolutely straight," Kerry said. ''[The veterans' group] first surfaced in the spring and we did have a press conference on the same day and they were gone. And then they came back and there was another press conference and another dealing with them and they were gone, folks. Then the Republicans got involved with them . . . and they came back in August, right around convention time, and they came back with TV."

Kerry explained: ''I don't remember seeing the first ad; I think I read it rather than saw it. Several friends of mine saw it immediately. My reaction the minute that I heard what they had said [was that] I was outraged and I said this has to be responded to. Within a few days, I gave a speech to the firefighters and I responded to it."

But the first ad appeared Aug. 5. Kerry did not make his speech to the firefighters until Aug. 19. The two-week delay between the charges and the rebuttal allowed the allegations that Kerry had exaggerated his military record to take root, according to some Democratic organizers.

Let's get the record absolutely straight; Kerry couldn't respond to the Swiftees because he'd exaggerated his military record. The Globe does nail him down on the Form 180 issue:

Kerry later confirmed that his decision to sign the form is not conditional on any others signing, but he expressed lingering bitterness over double standards on military service.

Of course, the Globe did NOT ask Kerry to go ahead and sign the form; that would be unsporting. And this is just plain silly:

Asked what hurt him the most during the campaign, Kerry mused about how ''all of us are flawed as human beings" and ''I think I have a strong record" before raising his voice and declaring: ''One thing I know is that I didn't flip-flop on anything."

Hat Tip: Beldar. Good to see him blogging again!
What Dean Means

Ankle-Biting Pundits lays out the future of the Democratic Party:

2. A disastrous strategy to "campaign in all 50 states" In a speech to the DNC Dean pledged to "campaign in all 50 states". Now while some of that may have been pandering to the lone liberal DNC member in Idaho, many Democrats actually think they need to get out their message to all 50 states to regain power. That sounds great in theory, but then that damn reality smacks you square in the face. That being the fact that not all 50 states will respond to the message. Just as it would be foolish for a national Republican to waste time and money in New York or Vermont, one has to wonder about the sanity of the Democrats thinking they can have a winning message in Alabama or Texas.

Yep. I do think it's a pro forma pledge; as we covered a long time ago, Kerry pledged to campaign in Texas, but never did. Great article by H-Bomb.
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