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Friday, January 21, 2005
An Intelligent Liberal

This is one of the more thoughtful pieces I've read from a Democrat since the election. I agreed wholeheartedly with this part:

[C]alling attention to Bush as a youthful ne’er-do-well, whether it is his lack of military service, his frat-boy wealth, or his alcoholism, actually strengthens the coherence and authenticity of the story that Bush tells of his own life, and deepens his appeal for many Americans. It makes his evangelism vastly more powerful than Jimmy Carter’s, for example: Bush can self-present as a sinner who was redeemed, whereas Carter could only present as someone for whom evangelical religion was his cultural habitus. As Morris notes, Bush’s narrative of redemption covers all the sins that his critics might try to attribute to him and makes powerful use of them.

Not sure I go along with this:

I’ve been thinking a lot about Errol Morris’ op-ed piece in the NewYork Times. In it, he attributes Kerry’s loss in November to his inability to communicate his own life story as a convincing, authentic, and complete narrative. In particular, argues Morris, Kerry’s near-total silence about his opposition to the Vietnam War, his failure to claim that as a life-defining and shining moment of conscience and courage, was his downfall.

The key word there is "authentic". I don't know if Kerry would have done better emphasizing his opposition to the Vietnam War; I suspect that he pretty much got universal support from the folks who still count their opposition to the war as a badge of honor. But I certainly agree that Kerry's attempt to square the circle by presenting himself as a war hero while refusing to recant any of his statements against the war (and especially against his fellow soldiers) made his story inauthentic and incomplete.

The Morris piece referred to is here. It's pretty much the same--well written and intelligently argued, but with the same fatal flaw; that it believes if Kerry had just embraced his antiwar past he would have gotten more votes. I doubt that very much. However, I agree that Kerry's defeat was in large part due to his lack of honesty about his real positions.
Evan Coyne Maloney, Documented

Here's a profile of the wonderful young conservative filmmaker.

Best bit:

It's an interview tactic he used effectively on a Bucknell professor, Geoffrey Schneider, the faculty member who spoke about his students' unconscious racism.

In an interview with the Sun, Mr. Schneider said he was "basically manipulated into appearing" in Mr. Maloney's film. "I was told originally I was going to be interviewed for a film about professors' academic freedom and attempts to censor professors," he said.

Mr. Schneider, a specialist in what is called institutionalist economics, said the film was edited in a "ridiculous" way that made it seem as though Bucknell students learn only about Marx and feminist political economy. "I also teach Austrian economics," he remarked, saying he was sympathetic to all the ideas taught in the economics courses.
Look Who Pops Up In College Courses!

From The Keele Guide to Elections and Electoral Systems in the United States published by Keele University (UK), under 2004 Elections:


* Blogging of the President 2004
* Norwegianity - anti-Republican gay-friendly commentary
* Blog for Victory - voter registration
* Blog Reports from the Field: Wisconsin
* Campaign Journal
* Cinemocracy
* Conservative Web Log
* The Daily Kos
* Electablog
* Justice Through Music
* Kerryhaters
* Mystery Pollster
* Use of Blogs in the 2004 Presidential Campaign - Johns Hopkins 2003
* Ohio Countdown 2004 blog
* Sensible Election
* Andrew Sullivan
* TalkingPointsMemo
* US Campaign Blogs 2004
* Watchblog
* Wonkette

Not too shabby, eh? Keele University immediately becomes the official favorite UK university of KH!
A Review of Kerry Haters from the Left

Just found this one:

Going even a bit further is the crushkerry.com site that has a top-of-the-page picture of John Kerry being compacted by the title of the web site. A recent crushkerry.com article opens with this: "crushkerry.com is honored to have guest P** C***** from the fine blog KerryHaters explain why he hates the ever-so-hatable Senator John Kerry." Uh, just how many hates is that?

The KerryHaters blog has a special section titled "Legion of Kerry Haters" and an ad for The Digital Brownshirt Alliance. Hopefully this poorly chosen moniker is a spoof. Why would anyone, unless they are completely consumed by malevolence, actively align themselves with the stormtroopers who protected Hitler's rallies and wrecked polling places, stole ballot boxes and attacked opposing politicians and voters?

Just for the record, Kerry Haters does not actively align itself with the stormtroopers yadda yadda yadda. Digital Brownshirts is indeed a spoof and refers to a disgusting quote by Al Gore, when he said that conservative bloggers were "digital brownshirts". Well, we are certainly the kind of right wing bloggers that Gore was slandering by comparison to the Nazis. And by the way, the picture of the Digital Brownshirt Alliance (which is down right now, Kitty) is not an advertisement at all.
Thursday, January 20, 2005
Around the Horn

Over at Brainster's I have some photos that illustrate the lie that liberals support the troops and that they're not anti-American, just anti-Bush. Veterans, check your blood pressure before clicking!

Kitty Litter takes us on a trip down memory lane with der Schlickmeister and has some coverage of an exceptional man.

Lifelike Pundits points out that the Iraqis want to vote and shows a protester's sign that certainly left me scratching my head.

Wild Bill is back at Passionate America after a month and a half hiatus.

Our longtime friend Joel Gaines says that the Tiniest No Pundit Intended is due any moment and has some coverage of events unfolding in Russia.
Kerry Financial Monkey Business

Alan over at the Command Post wants to know why Kerry took money that was donated to the overly-optimistically named "Kerry-Edwards Victory 2004" and used it to set up the "Friends of John Kerry".

Now you know that I can't resist the obvious jab here--"Friends of John Kerry"? That must be a very small group indeed!


I also see that no individuals have given to date, so at least according to the FEC, Friends of John Kerry is funded, so far, by that single $25 K from Mr. Hinojosa.

This is a solid little piece of investigative journalism, an example of citizen bloggers poking around and putting two and two together. Great work, Alan!

Kerry is an arrogant POS. You'd think after being caught in the most humiliating lies about his "military career" that he'd try to fade from the public spotlight, at least for a while. But, being the elitist that he is, Kerry is once again recycling his tawdry history of lying. In an excellent read in TAS entitled ,Kerry’s Logan Act, Pat Hynes points out that Kerry very likely again violated the Logan Act:
Bear in mind this was not an official trip to Europe and the Middle East. Kerry was not visiting as a representative of the United States Government. He was in no way commissioned by the executive branch to negotiate alliances with foreign countries. So what was he doing there? In an e-mail to 3 million political supporters in which he also calls for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Kerry said, "After several months consumed by the campaign trail, I wanted to make contact with our soldiers on the ground there."In short, his trip was, essentially, a very public vacation. One in which Kerry seems to have run afoul of the Logan Act...

So, to refresh everyone's memory, I'm re-printing our original post which debunked Kerry's Excellent Cambodia Tour.



I don’t know if Pat has posted these two pieces before, but even if he has, they’re worth repeating. The first article is in its entirety; the second is not, but that one is loaded with John-John’s record of accomplishments. When he speaks these days about those nebulous foreign leaders who’ll gladly support him as president, you might consider his previous contacts in worldly affairs.

Vietnam Vet Kerry Told Senate He Saw Military Action in Cambodia
By J. Michael Waller
Did decorated Vietnam War veteran John F. Kerry see military action in Cambodia? He says nothing about it on the campaign trail, but he stated it as fact on the floor of the U.S. Senate on March 27, 1986. In that speech, Kerry accused President Ronald Reagan of leading the United States into another Vietnam in Central America, accusing the administration of Nixon-like duplicity and saying that he should recognize it because of his Vietnam experience.

Kerry told his colleagues he was on Navy duty in Cambodia at a time when President Richard M. Nixon lied to the public and said that there were no U.S. forces in that country. He even took enemy fire. In his words, "I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia. I remember what it was like to be shot at by Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge and Cambodians, and have the president of the United States telling the American people that I was not there; the troops were not in Cambodia. I have that memory which is seared - seared - in me."

L Larsen noted in a comment he posted that Nixon was elected in '68 but not in office until he was inaugurated in '69. L Larsen was kind when he referred to L'Fraude's BS as a "faux pas."

Kerry's Disloyal Nicaraguan Journey
In his first major foreign-policy action as a U.S. senator nearly 20 years ago, John Kerry accused the United States of "funding terrorism." Fresh from a trip to the Far East, Kerry made his sensational allegation in Washington before flying to Nicaragua, then in the grip of a Marxist-Leninist junta, to coauthor a propagandistic peace proposal designed to disarm the U.S.-backed forces fighting to oust the Soviet-backed Sandinista regime.
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Byron York: Kerry's Running Again

That's the message he gets from this email:

In an e-mail addressed to supporters nationwide, Kerry asks that his campaign workers and volunteers reunite in a drive to force President Bush to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "I believe that together, the three million of us who worked together on the campaign can help the troops," Kerry writes. "We not only have a right to speak out against failed Bush policies: we have a duty to defend this country from a President who refuses to recognize the total inadequacy of his own Defense Secretary. That's how democracy works."

Looks like this site will be sticking around for awhile.
Class & Ass

Pat Hynes Debates Kos on the Radio

Listen to the Kerry Crusher steamroll the loony liberal blogger today at 2:30 Eastern time.
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Kerry Has a Dream--Updated!

It's that somehow there was some skullduggery going on in Ohio.

``Voting machines were distributed in uneven ways. In Democratic districts, it took people four, five, eleven hours to vote, while Republicans (went) through in 10 minutes - same voting machines, same process, our America,'' he said.

Gee, John, did it ever occur to you that Democratic districts are usually run by Democrats? That if there was a problem with the way voting machines were "distributed" it may be an artifact of the incompetence of Democrats at the local level? Remember, the poor woman who designed the butterfly ballot in Palm Beach was a Democrat, too.

Captain Ed thinks there's something rotten in the state of Wisconsin.

Update: An emailer was kind enough to point me to this article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

But a Plain Dealer analysis shows that, in Cuyahoga County at least, the elections board distributed machines equally to city and suburban polling locations.

The long lines at some locations appear to be more the result of timing, new voters and overwhelmed poll workers, not necessarily a shortage of machines.

Before the Nov. 2 election, the elections board allotted each Cleveland precinct one machine for every 117 registered voters within its boundaries - the same ratio of machines that suburban precincts received.

In other words, the more registered voters a particular precinct had, the more machines it received, regardless of where that precinct was.

And in the end, the busiest precincts - when measured by the number of ballots cast per machine - were actually in the suburbs, not Cleveland, according to a Plain Dealer analysis of records from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.
Monday, January 17, 2005
Those Ignorant Red State Voters--Updated!

I actually enjoyed David von Drehle's long article on his trip through Red State America. You can tell he's trying his darnedest not to look down his nose at the people he encounters, trying to be non-judgmental. But catch this bit:

She was too polite to say, in so many words, that she felt John Kerry was a man of bad morals. Instead, she put it this way: "When Kerry said he was for abortion and one-sex marriages, I just couldn't see our country being led by someone like that."

Later, I double-checked what Kerry had said on those subjects. During his campaign, he opposed same-sex marriage and said that abortion was a private matter. But Joyce Smith heard it the way she heard it, and voted the way she voted.

Look, this is one of the signal problems that Democrats have, something that I have commented about on more than one occasion. They don't say what they really believe, but their actions speak louder than words. What is John Kerry saying when he says that abortion is a private matter? Essentially that he's in favor of it. As for gay marriage, Kerry's either lying, or completely out of touch with his own party. So essentially, the woman being quoted was dead on about Kerry's real position on those two issues, even though von Drehle wants you to believe the opposite.

One of the other folks quoted gets it:

He also said: "Don't get me wrong. I don't think George Bush is the greatest guy in the world. Both of them scared the hell out of me. But at least Bush tells you what he thinks."

Update: Tim Graham points out that Kerry regularly gets perfect marks from the leading gay rights organizations and abortion rights lobbies based on his voting record.
Shameful plea for clicks (PLEEEEEASE!)

I am trying to get blogads on my site and I also applied to lifeblog for CPAC next month.

Let's be democrats for once: click early and click often to LifeLike Pundits.
Billionare Speaks about Dr. King's Dream.

John Kerry does it again. Read here.
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