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Saturday, January 15, 2005
LifeLike Pundits

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Pat Hynes, at PassionForFairness, says that Today is the day!
Your Oscar ballots are due at 5 PM PST. Once in, your ballots will be tallied and the nominees for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and all the rest will be kept closely guarded until January 25th.

So, if you haven’t already,
Thank you.
Friday, January 14, 2005
I'm Not a Lawyer, But I Play One on the Blogs--Updated

From a reader on the Corner at NRO:

Beyond that, that Hynes article treads perilously close to libel. He lists a few examples of crazy Kos quotes and wonders if Kos wrote them on the Dean payroll. But that Fallujah quote is from April, and the "Kerry's team should be shot" quote is from last month. This isn't just after the Kos-Dean agreement expired - it's after Dean pulled out of the prez race!

That may be true as far as it goes, but of course, you cannot libel somebody by asking questions. You can only do it by making allegations. Here's what Patrick Hynes wrote:

A whole new round of unanswered questions ought to anchor Dean's ascent to the DNC Chairmanship now. Questions like: Was Dean paying him when Kos wrote this little cutie in early April about contract workers who were murdered in Fallujah:

That said, I feel nothing over the death of merceneries [sic]. They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them.

How about when Kos said John Kerry and his campaign team "should be lined up and shot"? Does Dean endorse Kos's use of the phrase "racists thugs" to describe his rivals in the blogosphere? Does Dean support Kos's conspiracy theory that the "neocons" have a secret plan to prolong the terror war by strengthening al Qaeda....

And of course, the question arises as to who would sue Hynes for libel. Obviously not Kos, because he really did write the statements in question. Dean? Hey, he was the one who chose to associate himself with Kos (even if, as it appears likely, Kos wrote those statements after the end of his consulting arrangement with Dean). And I am sure that given some time, Patrick could locate some even worse quotes from during the Dean consulting assignment.

Personally I don't think the Kos/Dean relationship is all that big a deal. (Update: At least not from the blog side. It may be a bigger deal from the political side, as Patrick argued). Apparently it was disclosed, which was my problem with the Lauck/Thune arrangement. But Kos deserves a little slamming anyway for implying that all conservative bloggers are getting paid (I'm certainly not) and for implying a financial interest to Hynes in keeping New Hampshire's first in the nation primary.
Kind of a Drag

That's what Kerry was to the Democrats.

U.S. Senator John Kerry's presidential candidacy was a ``drag'' on other Democrats and probably cost his party statewide victories in Alaska, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Dakota, a report on voter turnout said.

The report released today by the nonpartisan Committee for the Study of the American Electorate said exit polls showed more Democrats defected from their party than did Republicans. Kerry ``lacked clarity'' on issues and failed to present a vision for the future, the report said.

``He was a terrible candidate,'' said Curtis Gans, director of the committee. ``He was emotionless and passionless and humorless. He was mostly stiff and boring.''

We never noticed!
Caption It Yourselves!--Updated!

Update: Barbara Bassfire has a very humorous look at one of the other Kerry/Chirac photoes.

Update II: Ten very funny captions. My favorite:

"You know, it just wouldn't be Paris if I weren't holding back-door meetings with America's sworn enemies."
Dem's 2008 Field Looking Crowded

According to this, Al Gore's thinking about a run in 2008. Hillary, Kerry, Gore, Silky Pony, and perhaps Doctor Dean? Now, that would be a battle royal!

Hat Tip: Crush Kerry
Dean's Other Blogger--Updated!

A lot of focus on Daily Kos in this story (probably because he's an insufferable jerk), but what about the second blog? Called MyDD, it's run by Jerome Armstrong, who appears, from a brief reading to be somewhat more sufferable than Zuniga (Correction: Kos' last name is Moulitsas, apparently Zuniga is a middle name). However, he also appears to be quite a bad writer, as these snippets from his post on BloggerGate reveal:

Zephyr Teachout went public in her anonymous (she signed onto it later when outed) blogging that made the Wall St. Journal with the accusation that Howard Dean's Presidential campaign conspired to buy the the airtime by Markos and I, of Daily Kos of MyDD.

What Zephyr just did was hand a return (unfactual though it is) to the Republican bloggers that are moving up against Democratic activists gaining traction against Armstrong Williams being a shill for the Republicans with taxpayer dollars.

Note, this is not some minor blog; this is one of the largest Democrat-oriented blogs with over a million hits in October and November.

Update: Patrick Hynes has some thoughts about the Daily Kos. Could Dean's association with this slimebucket cost him a shot at the DNC?
Thursday, January 13, 2005

Pat Hynes ( Crush(ed)Kerry and AnkleBitingPundits) launched his latest blog, PassionForFairness, just to make certain that Mel Gibson’s blockbuster film would not be snubbed by the Oscars. Pat must be very pleased and optimistic these days.
Don’t look now, but The Passion of The Christ may be muddling through all those snubs and peaking in this Oscar race at just the right time!

Thousands petition Academy for Gibson film
Urge Oscars organization not to ignore popular movie about

Sign the petition!

IS THIS 1984?

Do you shop online? Then you had better read SMOKING OUT YOUR PRIVACY.

Swiftees to Fade Away

That's the message at the end of this little tribute to John O'Neill and the men who sank John Kerry's candidacy.

Toward the end of the dinner, we asked Mr. O’Neill whether he has thought of converting his fame from the Swiftboats into a career in politics, perhaps running for the Senate from Texas. It turns out he has been all his life a champion debater. But he made it clear, as he had done earlier during the dinner, that he and his comrades in the Swiftboat Veterans were in it not for the politics but for the honor of their fellow veterans of Vietnam and that what they were going to do now was what they had been doing before they were interrupted — to go home, back to the families and jobs to which they’d been devoting themselves since the war.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold; John O'Neill's plate was in the freezer for 33 years. Congratulations to him and the rest of the Swift Boat Vets on a job well done!
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Dems in Reform the Nominating Process Mode: Train Wreck Ahead!

Crush Kerry pointed us to this posting on the Daily Kos, probably the most popular liberal Democrat blog. Kos takes on some of the arguments for retaining Iowa and New Hampshire at the front of the line in the nominating process. Kos makes some reasonably good points and some fatheaded ones that Patrick Hynes demolishes, but the fact is that his focus on Iowa and New Hampshire is misguided.

Let's start with some definitions. What is the goal of the presidential nomination process? Kos, being a liberal, not surprisingly has a squishy goal in mind:

And how fair was it? Not fair to the 48 other states which had no say in the matter.

Fairness is Kos' objective. Well, if that's the goal of the nominating process, then clearly Iowa and New Hampshire should not be first in the nation every four years. Perhaps we could draw state names out of a hat and have them vote in that order?

Now, a more rational person might think that the actual goal of a nominating process is to nominate the best candidate who can actually win. And if that is your goal, then the primary system that has evolved (especially on the Democrats' side) is the problem, not the presence of Iowa and New Hampshire at the front of the line. Indeed, one can trace the Democrats' frustration in the presidential elections back to 1968. That year, the anti-war candidates, McCarthy & Bobby Kennedy, had won most of the primaries, and yet Humphrey still got the nomination. Stung by that loss, the anti-war clique "reformed" the process to make it more responsive to the will of the Democratic party's primary voters. The result? The Democrats have lost six of the last nine presidential elections. An additional "reform" was instituted around 1984, when "winner take all" was scrapped in favor of proportional representation. This effort at fairness rewards fringe candidates for staying in the race and makes winning a state less important than finishing well. Of course, there are no rewards for finishing well in the general election; winning is the only thing.

Look, this is pretty simple. The Democrats need to get away from their concern for "fairness" in their nominating process and get back to their concern for winning. That means de-emphasizing the primaries and going back to the days of smoke-filled rooms and party bosses calling the shots. Putting a state or two ahead of New Hampshire is a feel-good measure that amounts to shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Compare & Contrast: RatherGate Versus Swift Boat Vets

Lorie Byrd has an excellent post on the mainstream media's zeal to investigate President Bush's Texas Air National Guard service with their hands-off approach to questions about Kerry's service raised by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Hat Tip: Crush Kerry

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I thought I'd check on our good buddies ... er, commrades ... at CommunistsForKerry.
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Important Announcement: In a few weeks the Party shall determine new course of action and set up new website. Until then feel free to use our discussion board to express righteous rage at life, the universe, and everything!

Check out their discussion board called
The Collective Mind. "u people will burn" is especially enlightening!

RatherGate Updates

I put up a couple posts at Brainster's; here's the smoking gun in the report, and here's why Dan Rather should be fired.
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