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Saturday, November 20, 2004

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What's KittyLitter been up to these days?

Crush(ed)Kerry’s Observations on the News are, as always, packed with unbelievable goodies.
Kofi Annan's Job In Jeopardy
Oh Yeah, We're the Country Full of Hatemongers

John "Crushed" Kerry- "I Lost Because of the Osama Tape"
Holy Mother of God! There’s a whole lot more of Al Gore to love … or hate, as the case may well be.

Friday, November 19, 2004
Kerry Blames it on Bin Laden

Once again refusing to acknowledge the obvious.

John Kerry (search) believes he lost to President Bush because of the video from Usama bin Laden (search) that surfaced just days before the Nov. 2 presidential election.

The Massachusetts senator told FOX News' senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera that he believes he lost because the tape may have scared the American electorate.

Might be a compelling argument if it weren't that the polls taken before the Bin Laden tape didn't show about the same margin of victory as the actual voting.
Thursday, November 18, 2004
More O'Neill

Here's a review of Restoration Weekend, a conservative gab-fest.

The third Taylor Award winner that night was John O’Neill, a 1967 Graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Commander of Kerry’s own Swift Boat PCF94 in Vietnam, a top-rank graduate of the University of Texas Law School, former law clerk for Justice William Rehnquist (1974-75) and attorney in Houston. Such facts went unmentioned by a liberal media trying to discredit and destroy O’Neill and more than 260 other highly-decorated Vietnam Swift Boat vets who were telling the unappetizing truth about John Kerry.

As John Fund of the Wall Street Journal (who was once more at Restoration Weekend) passionately wrote last Monday, when John O’Neill began his crusade last February he was in intensive care, having just donated a kidney to his wife Anne. But this noble soldier, at risk to his own life and health, toured the country doing hundreds of media interviews amidst the most hateful leftwing flak attacks. With the steadiness of a genuine hero in combat, O’Neill’s integrity cut to pieces the tissue of pro-Kerry lies concocted by the leftwing establishment media. His assault ended Kerry’s hopes of winning.

The heroism shown by O’Neill and his fellow Swift Boat Veterans for Truth had been “the last mission” of Vietnam War veterans, said the final Taylor Award winner Jim Warner, who had been a Marine pilot and prisoner of war in Vietnam and is now Assistant General Council to the National Rifle Association. The good guys won this time, completing their mission “on November 3, at 2:08 p.m. Eastern Time, when John Kerry conceded the presidential race to George W. Bush.”

By the way, Warner's wife is an L-Dotter!
Kerry Planning to Sue O'Neill for Libel?

The NY Post's gossip column reports this morning.

Now, "the Kerry camp is thinking about filing a libel lawsuit against Regnery and O'Neill," a source close to the candidate's inner circle tells PAGE SIX. "I don't know if they will actually go forward, but consideration is serious. If Kerry plans on running again in 2008 — and I'm hearing he will — it would make sense that he'd file the suit."

I suspect John O'Neill will have three words for John Kerry: "Bring it on!"
Kerry's War Chest Angers Democrats

Sounds like that $45 million Kerry had in the bank is down to $15 million or so.

"Democrats are questioning why he sat on so much money that could have helped him defeat George Bush or helped down-ballot races, many of which could have gone our way with a few more million dollars," said Donna Brazile, campaign manager for Al Gore's 2000 presidential race.

Brazile is a member of the 400-plus member Democratic National Committee, which meets early next year to pick a new party chairman. One high-ranking member of the DNC, speaking on condition of anonymity, said word of Kerry's nest egg has stirred anger on the committee and could hurt his chances of putting an ally in the chairmanship.

Let's be real here. Kerry's not going to get an ally at the head of the DNC. Hillary is.
Wednesday, November 17, 2004

40 friggin' sarin gas viles (enough to kill over 10,000 people) were found in Fallujah with their instructions written in German and Russian.

Read more about it here.

What else do dims need?
Over at Brainster's

I've put up a separate trivia quiz on movies of the 1970s, and I take a look at those counties in Florida that the Democrats claim voted for Bush despite being overwhelmingly made up of registered Democrats.

The home page of CrushKerry (soon to be AnkleBitingPundits) has become an excellent stop for an update on the news, along with their excellent analysis.

Bush's Rice Nomination Dubbed Brilliant
An old friend once shared an SUV ride with the-Governor George W. Bush and his the-campaign advisor Condoleezza Rice. They were headed to the second Bush Gore debate and Rice was briefing and grilling the soon-to-be president on the major foreign policy issues of the day. My friend assured me this Rice woman was whip smart, well-versed in history and had rather a stellar pair of gams. He left me with the impression that if it was Rice who was to go in there, she’d have picked up ole’ Crazy Al by his ankles and Swiffered the stage with him, bald spot and all. Alas, Rice never got the chance. But Bush did just fine.

[W]e are taken once again by the raw political brilliance displayed by President Bush in nominating Rice to succeed Powell. The Left is desperately trying to define themselves after a humiliating election cycle, but has had precious little success in doing so. George W. Bush has selflessly offered to do it for them. He just nominated a woman so reviled by the radicals, they will surely be up to their old calumnious trick when she sits for confirmation.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Someone asked on the radio today what happened to Democrats...they used to want to free the oppressed from dictators and applauded the success of minorities in this country, but they fall silent on people like Powell, Rice, Gonzales, Barreto, Paige, etc. I don't believe that Democrats stopped wanting these things. I believe they want to feed the starving and free the oppressed.

I also believe they want the promotion of highly skilled and successful women and minorities to positions of power in our government. I just believe they don't want Republicans doing it. They don't like Bush nominating Rice, the first black female to hold the position first held by Thomas Jefferson (a slave owner) because it's a Republican doing it and that runs contrary to their mythologizing of Republicans being racist...

Read the rest here.

If any of you had read an article, which Pat at CrushKerry had written on Sunday about Charles Krauthammer, you must have been as shocked as I. Actually, I was far more worried than shocked. I thought something was terribly wrong. Maybe a loved one was ill? Or possibly the strain of that election had finally worn him down. He’s asking for our apology, and he certainly has mine. I’m just glad he’s okay. Please go over there and tell him everything is fine. Groveling accepted, Pat.
An Apology From Pat Hynes of crushkerry.com
If as several of you have stated, you are not going to read anymore, or have put the site in the “recycle bin”, I regret that. Without our readers the site is nothing, and I surely realize that. To those of you who will give me and the site and me a second chance I can’t promise you’ll always agree with us, but you’ll certainly not be subjected to commentary like you were on Sunday.

Remember the 1970s?

I have a little pop culture quiz over at Brainster's.
After A Year of Bad Press

Bush gets reelected. Frank Warner takes a look at the headlines week by week and concludes that the President won based on liberation and jobs.

I do think that the media largely overplayed their hand and by displaying overt partisanship hurt themselves more than the President. SeeBS News is completely discredited now, as is the New York Times.

The Prowler’s inside scoop on all things political:
Hillary Sets Up Shop
There has been a growing buzz that Clinton is not wholly satisfied that she can run for the presidency as a U.S. Senator, and junior Senator at that. Lord knows it didn't work out so well for John Kerry.
But Clinton would find running for governor of New York to be perhaps a far greater challenge than some inside the Beltway might think, though with some potential, long-term upside.
"Her campaign would have to address the 'Will she run for president in two years?' question everywhere she goes, and she would have to answer it more honestly than her husband did back in '90," says a former President Clinton staffer. "That said, six years as governor of New York and then running for President certainly gives you everything you'd want for a résumé. There is a ton of political calculation there, but it would be awfully ballsy to pull off, and I'm not sure even the Clintons think that far ahead."

A nice tidbit about Slick’s new digs.
The Clinton Library is spending some of its hard-earned corporate donations to fly down more than 170 former Clinton White House staffers to the Little Rock dedication ceremonies. Not all of the 170 are going entirely gratis, however. Only about 50 of Clinton's closest advisers are making the three-day trip cost-free. The library will pick up all expenses for those special few, excluding incidentals.

And for all of you panicked at the thought of Specter.
Specter Panicked
Word among senior Senate staffers was that Specter over the past 36 hours has grown increasingly alarmed at what he is hearing out of the GOP caucus in the Senate. Pointedly: that support for his chairmanship is rapidly crumbling under an assault from conservative groups across the country.

There is a school of thought inside the Senate that Specter has indeed badly misjudged the environment in which he has been operating. "Specter for the past week has believed that he was winning this thing," says a Senate leadership staffer. "Today [Monday] it appears that it has finally become clear to him that he is not winning this thing. He is losing it, unless he starts making a concerted effort to sway some votes. The Senator's staff may have done him a great disservice by leading him to believe he was successfully weathering this situation."

Sneak Peak At Kerry Novel

Tim Dowling has a few (imagined) excerpts.

Senator Jack Corey was inflamed with passion, the way he always was just before a big, impassioned speech. He looked up from his yellow legal pad with inflamed eyes.
"Claims in excess of $50,000 represent 20% of medical expenses for private insurers," he said, "but less that one half of one per cent of all claims." Nikki regarded him from the bed, taking in his broad shoulders and sexy, chiselled features. In this light, she thought, he looked like something that had been carved out of an apple and then left in the sun for three weeks. Only bigger.

"I would like to propose to you," he said suddenly, causing Nikki's heart to leap. He went on: "a new approach in which the federal government covers 75% of the cost of catastrophic claims for companies which agree to the following three conditions ..."
Monday, November 15, 2004
Stephen Gardner Portrait

Here's a look at the guy who served on Kerry's boat and aligned with the Swiftees.

"Somebody asked me one time what I gained out of this, and I said, 'Not a darn thing,'" Gardner said. "I've been called a liar and ridiculed. I've been cussed up one side and down the other. I'm 56 years old. I'm looking for a job. I did this for one reason. John Kerry is not fit to be president."

John Kerry isn't president. Steve Gardner is broke.

And he's smiling.

If you're anywhere near Clover, South Carolina and have some work (Gardner is reportedly skilled in the building trades), here's a guy who did his nation a couple of big favors, twice.

Krauthammer on Arafat:
Arafat invented modern terrorism: airplane hijackings, kidnappings and the spectacular mass murder, like the Olympic massacre of 1972. Others had tried it. Arafat perfected it. He turned terrorism into a brilliantly successful political instrument, a vehicle to international recognition and respect. The man who murdered more innocent Jews than anyone since Hitler died an international hero. The president of France bowed to his casket. The secretary general ordered U.N. flags to fly at half-staff.
Arafat also bequeathed a legacy of ends: uncompromising, irredentist ends. He didn't just reject any settlement that would leave Israel intact, thereby setting a precedent that any successor dare not violate. He also raised a new generation to ensure that rejection. Deploying every instrument of propaganda -- television, radio, newspapers and, most importantly, schools and summer camps for children -- his Palestinian Authority fed his people a diet of such virulent anti-Semitism and denial of the Jewish connection with the land that no successor will even be in position to contemplate breaking Arafat's rejectionist precedent.
Arafat's most cherished achievement was to so poison the well that the revolution -- until total victory -- continues long after he is gone

Cindy Adams on Arafat (don’t laugh; she gets excellent tips):
ARAFAT. Relative to his illness or death, I possess no actual factual information. I only know during this summer's GOP Convention an operative wired to all things Israeli whispered, "Arafat will die this year." I asked, What's that mean? What are you talking about? The answer was: "I've never steered you wrong about the Middle East before. I know what I'm saying. Arafat dies this year." Rumors of poison, even AIDS, circulated. I never printed them. I did, however, ask this person: "You implying something?" The answer was: "Don't ask me more."

Lorie Byrd on The Incredibles:
I saw The Incredibles tonight with the family. I loved the movie, but not just because it was fast moving, action filled and funny, but because in so many ways it was so real.

Luis on life 100 years ago:
Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and iced tea hadn't been invented.
Coca Cola contained cocaine.

California Yankee on Scott Peterson:
Let Peterson Rot In Jail
I steadfastly refrained from posting about the trial of Scot Peterson. I refused to post about Peterson because I am appalled the national limelight would be focused on an alleged, now convicted, murderer when there was a national debate underway about who should be the leader of the country and how to fight the war against terrorism.

I oppose the death penalty in cases such as Peterson's where there is a question about his guilt because we make mistakes. I know that the jury found that it was beyond a reasonable doubt that Peterson was guilty. Nevertheless, the number of convicted murderers that have been cleared and released years after being convicted numbers in the hundreds. It is bad enough that innocent people are wrongly convicted. It is absolutely unacceptable that an innocent person be put to death.

BILL and Hillary Clinton are battling behind the scenes to install longtime political operative Harold Ickes as the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, replacing Terry McAuliffe. "This is the first test of whether the Clintons can keep their grip on the party," said one Democrat. Ickes was an advisor to David Dinkins during his mayoral administration and was close to the Clintons, helping arrange stays in the Lincoln Bedroom for big contributors. "He was the innkeeper when the White House became the Holiday Inn," said our source. But others are vying for the job. John Kerry's circle is talking up Jean Shaheen, the former New Hampshire governor who chaired Kerry's campaign. And both Howard Dean and Donna Brazile, who ran Al Gore's campaign in 2000, want the job, as well as Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who wants to make sure his state's widely watched caucus continues to be held before any of the presidential primaries.

The Next Generation

If, like me, you sometimes despair about the youngsters growing up today, check out Young Pundits, written by a trio of high schoolers in Maryland. This is a smart, well-written blog that will reassure you that the conservative revolution will live on.
Swiftee Justice

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal takes a last look at the true heroes of this campaign:

As the evening proceeded and one Vietnam veteran after another shared the story of how veterans felt compelled to attack Mr. Kerry for his 1971 testimony branding fellow veterans as war criminals, former CBS News correspondent Bernard Goldberg leaned back in his chair in amazement. "I think some of them are too intense," he told me. "But screwing with these guys by accusing them of atrocities was one of the biggest mistakes John Kerry ever made. Thirty years later he woke a sleeping giant."

Thanks again, Swiftees!

Hat Tip: Polipundit
Searching for the Relatives of Sgt Jack Gell

Small Town Veteran has a post about the search for Sgt Jack Gell's family:

On 20 Sept 2004 the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a guest column, "Kerry smeared a hero: my dad", written by Carol Gell Crowley, Jack Gell's youngest child. I saw a short excerpt from that column at Kerry Haters and created a longer post than theirs, which was published on my blog on 22 Sept. Some other bloggers with blogs more popular than mine linked to my post, with the result that my post was seen by Mark/Urthshu, whose half-brother, SGT Frank Gell III, is SGT Jack Gell's nephew. Mark showed the post to Frank, and as a result Frank was able to contact Carol Crowley, whom he had previously not known how to reach. I understand that a reunion of the Northern and Southern branches of the now-reunited Gell clan is tentatively planned for sometime next spring.

Amazing what a couple little blog posts can do. I've known about this for a month or so and there's a little spring in my step every time I think about it. Let's see if we can't find the rest of this family, broken up sadly due to the death of Sgt. Gell in Vietnam almost 40 years ago!
Sunday, November 14, 2004
Is It Too Late to Apply for a Fourth Purple Heart?

Kitty pointed me to this article on Kerry's other Vietnam wound:

On the afternoon of Aug. 9, John F. Kerry stood on the lip of the Grand Canyon, about to make one of the biggest mistakes of his three-year quest for the presidency. A stiff wind was blowing across the canyon, and Kerry, whose hearing was damaged by gun blasts in Vietnam, had trouble understanding some of the questions being thrown his way. But he pressed on, coughing from the pollen blowing on the breeze.

Of course. He didn't make a stupid mistake, it was windy and his hearing was damaged by Vietnam and all the pollen...

No Kerry Rerun

I look at the history of losing candidates over at Brainster's.
GOP & the City?

Looks like our buddy The Man may not be alone. The Galvin Opinion looks at the voting in and around New York City and detects a sharp swing to the right.

Hat Tip: Polipundit
Kerry's Former Girlfriend Writes Novel

The Telegraph has some of the juicy bits:

Nikki, a Harvard graduate, describes her politician lover as a "caveman" in the bedroom who would whisper sweet nothings to her in French - a language Mr Kerry speaks fluently. He also has a home on Beacon Hill, Boston, as does Mr Kerry.

In another part of Hedge Fund Mistress, Nikki tells a friend about a particularly wild encounter over dinner with her political paramour, Sen Jim Hoyt. "We were sitting at one end of the long dining room table and suddenly we were feeding each other and kissing, and all over each other, and undressing each other and plates were falling on the floor, food was everywhere, you know, our usual combustible frenzy, and then he carried me to the bedroom," she writes. Asked by her friend what happened next, Nikki says: "We made mad, passionate love and he immediately fell asleep." The unfortunate Nikki, however, almost dies as the senator lies snoring while she goes into anaphylactic shock from eating shellfish.

Heh. Not sure I want to read about the passionate John Kerry.

Let’s face it: just the mere mention of Slick’s name makes me go “Hmmmmm?”

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