KerryHaters was first to blog on the Christmas-in-Cambodia lie, way back on May 21. Too bad the elite media hadn't cast their net widely enough. They'd have had a scoop long ago.--Hugh Hewitt

Our friends Pat and Kitty at Kerry Haters deserve the blog equivalent of a Pulitzer for their coverage of Kerry's intricate web of lies regarding Vietnam.--Crush Kerry

Saturday, June 26, 2004

IIRC Right Thinking Girl has been with us all along, and a fellow L-Dotter, but tonight we found her again in the comments section, this time with a link to her blog. It contained a grabber of a paragraph like this:

Instead, I'm dating her husband.

Sounds pretty tawdry, a little soap opera?

Un-uh. Instead it's beautiful. Hankie time, but you'll be glad you read it. One of the most moving posts I have ever read.
Let's Spend More of Rob Reiner's Money

Lots of stories about how much do-re-mi the Kerry Campaign is raising. Obvious question, what are the results?

There were also smaller expenditures. In May alone, the campaign spent $10,500 for photographers at its events; more than $200,000 to dispense Kerry hats and T-shirts and other promotional material, and at least $6,500 for parking.

``We are narrowing the gap,'' said Peter Maroney, a longtime Kerry fund-raiser now working at the Democratic National Committee. "They are hearing our footsteps."

How Can I Miss You if You Won't Go Away?

Kitty's batting around two little mice named Bill and Hillary and singing that song.
Blogger Roundup

Rocketsled to Hell reminds us why we're all doing this.

ACE has some comments about the Fuehrer over Hitler's image in the new anti-Kerry ad from the Bush Campaign, and also tackles the Jew Bullet problem. Allah has a quick and easy way to tell them apart.

Bassfire has a very funny anti-Kerry cartoon that will make you feel almost sorry for old Pterodactyl, and wonders what's next in Kerry's makeover as a rough and tumble guy.

Chicago Ray just continues to impress the heck out of me with his Photoshop abilities. Here he shows us who's consoling Monica these days. And here he explains Kerry's future plans. Great new blog (shown as The Right is Right in the blogroll) by a longtime Kerry Haters reader.
Nuancy Boy Down Nine in Florida

Lotsa polls to go, and only one of them that counts, but it's nice to hear that President Bush is kicking Kerry's butt in the Sunshine State.
Continuing Chaos in Boston

Sounds like it will be a lively time in the hub city at the DNC.

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer

BOSTON - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites) has canceled plans to speak to the U.S. Conference of Mayors rather than cross a police officers picket line.

Boston police officers, pressing for a more generous contract, marched outside the Sheraton Boston Hotel Saturday morning where the mayors from across the country are holding their annual meeting.

Kerry was scheduled to address the group on Monday morning. Kerry spokesman David Wade said instead Kerry was planning to hold his own event elsewhere on Monday morning.

"He never crosses picket lines," Wade said.

The Boston Police Patrolmen's Association, which has a history of endorsing Republican presidential candidates, is seeking a raise of about 17 percent over four years. Boston's Democratic mayor Thomas Menino has offered 11.9 percent.

Two weeks ago, picketing city union workers caused a three-day delay of renovations to the FleetCenter for the Democratic National Convention, and protests are planned during the convention itself next month.

Pickler is another writer who can be counted on to come up with interesting stories that have a little bite to them. Wilgoren and Halbfinger are the other two that I find myself enjoying the coverage of Nuancy Boy.
Nuancy Boy Bores Even Himself

Another possible good one for November 3rd.
Oregon Republicans--Go to This Meeting!

Noam Schreiber has a copy of a Nader flyer from Oregon, urging those who want to stop John Kerry from winning in that state to attend a rally tonight and sign petitions to get Ralph on the ballot.

This is a cause we can all get behind. If you're from Oregon and anywhere near Benson High School in Portland, you could do a service to your country and the Legion of Kerry Haters by attending this meeting and helping to get Ralph Nader on the ballot. Oregon is definitely in play this year, but the latest polls show Nuancy Boy winning there by about 5-6 points, so every little bit we can sap away from him would help! And if you're not from Oregon, tell all your friends from the Beaver State about this event!

Saturday, June 26, 2004
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Nominating Convention
Benson High School Auditorium
546 NE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR

Call Jason Kafoury at 202.465.2764 or email at jason@votenader.org for more information.
Another Great Anti-Kerry Ad

Progress for America Voter Fund has a good one. It's sure to get the libs angry, because it shows Bush after 9-11 shaking hands with firefighters.

You know why they hate any attempt to reference 9-11 or the days immediately afterward? Because they know if people think back to those days, they will remember George Bush's strength and determination. They'll remember that we didn't strike first in this war, our enemies did.
Kerry Constitutionally Banned from Office?

If you haven't browsed the forums at Crush Kerry, you could be missing quite a lot. One of the posters, Phantom, put up a very interesting post this morning. Seems Nuancy Boy might be constitutionally banned from office. This is a good enough one that I'd rather have you surf over there and read it rather than summarize the argument, which I find reasonably compelling.
They Should Call it Uncool-C

Here's the Press Release:

Getting the word out for Presidential Candidate John Kerry in Cool C Style

Fri Jun 25, 9:00 AM ET

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) June 26, 2004 -- A free special edition of the Cool C Interactive Talking Computer Software has been made available by Cool Conversations L.L.C. for Windows XP (news - web sites) users. It is a great demonstration of a great new communicator, the Cool C software makes it possible to send simple text messages that are then converted to speech by the user's computer. Using this broadcasting capability, it is easy to keep Kerry supporters up to date with regular information culled from the Kerry website, MoveOn.org and other sources. When a new message is posted, Cool C equipped computers automatically retrieve it and start talking to deliver the message in a direct and powerful new way. It's the new priority message delivery system for the web. The John Kerry (news - web sites) Cool C Special Edition also lets people have conversations with their computer about Senator Kerry?s positions on a variety of issues. A verbal Reminder function and other features are included.

Now, isn't that delightful! Regular updates from Moo-On, so you can keep up with Nuancy Boy's ever-changing positions.

For example, suppose you had asked your computer around the time of the Michigan Primary, "Does John Kerry own an SUV?" The answer you would have gotten is, "John Kerry is proud to own several SUVs, which were made in America." But if you'd asked around Earth Day, the computer would search its memory bank and reply, "John Kerry deplores the way SUV's are destroying the Ozone Layer and contributing to global warming. His family may own a few SUVs, but John prefers to ride his Italian racing bike."

If you'd asked it back in September of 2003 whether John Kerry would be voting in favor of the $87 for the military and Iraqi reconstruction, it would have said, "John Kerry doesn't think anyone in the Congress is going to not give our troops ammunition, not give our troops the ability to be able to defend themselves. John Kerry's not going to cut and run and not do the job." But if you'd asked it during the primary season, it would have said, "John Kerry voted against the $87 billion to register a protest against the Iraq War." In March it would have said "John Kerry actually voted for the $87 billion, before he voted against it." Today it would say, "What $87 billion? Did you know John Kerry was in Vietnam?"
Proof John Kerry is an Ass!

The Cannon and the Gnat

David Brooks whittles down Michael Moore in today's New York Times. By the time he's done, Moore resembles a gnat. A fat, particularly annoying gnat, I will grant you, but a gnat nonetheless.

Like Hemingway, Moore does his boldest thinking while abroad. For example, it was during an interview with the British paper The Mirror that Moore unfurled what is perhaps the central insight of his oeuvre, that Americans are kind of crappy.

This is a fun column. For more on the Moore-on, check out Right Wing News' quote file.

"If you're having a good time, tell your face."

Billy Crystal teased John Kerry … but the dour-looking Democrat had an excuse for looking drawn yesterday after scheduling 36 hours of nearly nonstop campaigning.

Crystal called the event "Woodstock for really, really rich people."

Friday, June 25, 2004
Dishonest John

Oxblog has an email from the Kerry Campaign regarding the new website movie President Bush's campaign produced.

They claim that "Yesterday, the Bush-Cheney campaign, losing any last sense of decency, placed a disgusting ad called "The Faces of John Kerry's Democratic Party" as the main feature on its website. Bizarrely, and without explanation, the ad places Adolf Hitler among those faces."

Of course, the Hitler bit was in the film, which we commented on here. It's a great ad.

However, for once, the Democrats are not concerned about the words that appear on the screen at the moment that Hitler is speaking, obviously intended to be a translation from the original German. "God told me to strike at Al Qaida and I struck them. and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did." Obviously the clip is from one of Moo-On's brilliant efforts equating Bush with Hitler as is an earlier one which states, "What Were War Crimes in 1945 are Foreign Policy in 2003".

Let them squeal like stuck pigs, it only means that more people will watch the clip, which I highly recommend and which fits in nicely with the prior post.
Looks Like "Mad How" Disease Has Infected the Entire Democratic Party

He's Not Voting For You, John!

Kerry checks out Tom Brady's jersey. But according to this unintentionally hilarious screed, Tom's a Pubbie!

Tom Brady should have been stumping for fellow "New England Patriot" John Kerry in New Hampshire. Hell, Kerry even embarrassed himself by stumbling through some New England Patriot allusion in his Iowa victory speech. But instead of being a hometown guy, instead of being a loyalist, Tom Brady let himself be Bush's media prop. Whatever happened to loyalty in pro sports? I guess that's just the free market at work, another one of those glories of unbridled capitalism. So welcome Tom Brady, Republican icon of the clean, pure white athlete.
We Always Knew He Was Two-Faced

This is kind of funny. The first four photos that show up for "John Kerry" under the news section of Yahoo don't have Nuancy Boy, instead they have the Lyin' King.
Kerry Used by Vietnamese Communists in Anti-American Propaganda--THIS MONTH!

It's obvious that from the standpoint of the commies, Kerry's testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is the gift that just keeps on giving.

I'm going to put the whole article here, because the link has been busted before and I don't want to take the chance of losing this. Note: this article was published by the communist government of Vietnam.

Dated: Friday June 11, 2004

Invoking Viet Nam to cover up Iraq abuses

The Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal calls forth questions over the American War in Viet Nam: "How were captured US troops treated?" and "How did the Americans treat the Vietnamese?"

Diem Quynh

The Voice of America has attempted to deflect criticism of American soldiers’ treatment of Iraqi prisoners by claiming recently that captured US troops were treated worse in Viet Nam.

Besides begging the fundamental question "what were the Americans doing in Viet Nam in the first place?" the claim is also patently false.

In fact, like in any of the dozens of countries they invaded, it was the Americans who perpetrated well-documented atrocities in Viet Nam, both at the individual and mass levels.

My Lai is a byword for callous mass murder while the Bach Mai hospital and Kham Thien street bombings, though less well-known outside Viet Nam, were no less brutal for their manner of execution. As if to show they were not merely capable of ‘impersonal’ atrocities (by dropping bombs), the Americans helped run the notorious Con Dao prison with its ‘tiger cages’. In each of these 3m by 1.5m cages, they held five Vietnamese prisoners.

Conditions at the prison prompted a visiting US legislator, William R Anderson, to write to then-president Richard Nixon slamming the human rights violations and asking him to reconsider American involvement in the south of Viet Nam.

Candidate in this year’s American presidential elections, John Kerry, who fought in the war, went further in his criticism. In a statement to the US’ Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 1971, he said the war crimes committed by US soldiers in Southeast Asia "were not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command."

Kerry's Hero, Ho Chi Minh

But despite these abuses, the Vietnamese did not reciprocate in kind; instead, they treated captured US troops humanely.

A letter written to his family by the US navy’s Lt Stephen Anthony Rudloff shows a glimpse of the treatment received by American troops in captivity. He wrote, "Since my capture, I have been treated very well by the people of the DRVN [Democratic Republic of Viet Nam]. I am well fed, have had my injuries tended to by a doctor, and am in excellent condition."

Another navy man, Lt Albert Molinare, wrote home, "my treatment and the treatment of all the others I’ve talked to has been very fair. I feel we’re eating and living better than many Vietnamese outside the walls. I live with a group of other prisoners and we pass the time playing bridge and pingpong and doing some gardening. It’s nothing like home of course but the treatment has been a pleasant surprise."

Molinare was right that the detainees were living better than most Vietnamese who were subsisting on food rations and under extremely tough conditions.

It was also true that except for their incarceration, the American soldiers lived normal lives in prison though many of them had been caught red-handed committing crimes against humanity. They got fairly good food, exercised, played on the guitar and read books, received letters from home and celebrated Christmas with trees just like they would have at home.

They received periodic medical checks and treatment for injuries and illnesses.

In the three decades since the war, the Americans have used their hegemony over the world media – including films – and short public memory to gloss over their atrocities and to demonise Viet Nam.

Go to the link anyway if it works--it shows America POWs apparently having a great time playing chess and volleyball.

Hat Tip: Useful Fools
More Strip Club Owners for Kerry

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is hot on the trail.

Angelina Spencer is co-owner of the Circus and executive director of the Association of Club Executives, which represents about 800 exotic establishments. She thinks pole workers should drum up business for poll workers.

Here's a picture of some good-looking strippers (work safe).

We covered a prior story of the strip club registration phenomenon. When you think about it, they are probably registering a lot of Democrats, because who else would be so stupid as to turn over a card to a stripper with your social security number and address on it?

Hat Tip: Moe Time, via A Small Victory.
Coalition of the Wild-Eyed

This is a great ad for the Bush Campaign.
The Worst Reason for Voting for Kerry

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, blogger Michael Totten is back on the fence. He has a couple of very interesting posts highlighting what he feels are the best reasons for voting for Kerry. A word of caution: If you go to his site, please don't troll. Michael's not playing games, he's seriously trying to think things through. Here's the first post, and here's the second.

As I understand it, the case he's making is that Kerry would have more freedom to pursue the war on terror, particularly in Iran, which is rapidly becoming a threat, because the Democrats would stop being obstructionist, and the Republicans would go along, even push it because they still support the war on terror.

One advantage to a Kerry presidency is this: Terror War hawks won’t sit idly by and assume a problem like this will be taken care of. They’ll scream and demand action. And who knows? Maybe they’ll get it. Hardly anyone is demanding Bush do something about Iran. If this keeps up, the mullahs get nukes.

There are a number of problems with this line of thought. Trivially, it effectively rewards the people who are being obstructionist. Any sensible parent knows that you cannot reward temper tantrums, and that is exactly what the Left is throwing now. It's almost like conceding to the terrorists' demands in the hopes that they'll be satisfied. Second, there is little reason to believe that the anti-war types will give Kerry a lot of manuever room because he is a Democrat. LBJ was a Democrat too, and he did not get slack on the Vietnam War.

More important is the question of whether Kerry will pursue the war on terror. I am not very confident of that. We have covered this quite a bit in the past, so I'll summarize. First, Kerry does not believe in the war on terror. Here are his comments to the New York Times back in March:

"And the war - not the war, I don't want to use that terminology. The engagement of economies, the economic transformation, the transformation to modernity of a whole bunch of countries that have been avoiding the future. And that future's coming at us like it or not, in the context of terror, and in the context of failed states, and dysfunctional economies, and all that goes with that."

Michael does have a reasonable response to that one (in the comments section of the first post):

I have no idea what Kerry would do in office and that's my biggest problem with him. What a candidate says while campaigning doesn't always mean anything, and that's doubly true for Kerry who keeps flip-flopping anyway.

Look at Bush, campaigning as a "humble" isolationist and giving a speech at Bob Jones University. In the first case he changed his mind when reality imposed itself, and the second was just a case of extremely divisive pandering that meant nothing. A lot of what Kerry says is similarly extremely divisive pandering that means nothing. And reality will also impose itself on him if he wins.

Leaving aside the silly diversion of Bob Jones University, I certainly agree with the central point that world events can change the best laid plans. But if you ignore the candidate's statements, what are you left as the basis on which to make a judgment? Essentially, your trust in the candidate to do the right thing when the events arise. So Democrats vote for Kerry and Republicans for Bush not on policy planks, but on the basis of generalized trust. That might be the way that politics mostly works, but it doesn't leave much for the pundits to analyze, and it doesn't solve the problem for centrists/moderates.

I do enjoy Michael's comment that what a candidate campaigning for office says doesn't mean much, and that goes double for the flip-flopper.
What's This?

Why, it's my official digital brownshirt! Thanks, Al!

(Suggested by Red Line Rants).
Microbe Roundup

Digital Warfighter reports on the potential use of robotic vehicles for sentry duty.

The Right is Right (possibly renamed Jihad Junction?), has a good picture of the Sheik Fatassi Moore.

My Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy informs us of the hot new game craze among Muslim children.

Something to Cry About discovers our friend Red Line Rants. Aaron and Tyler apparently ride the same subway line (the Red Line). I'd always wondered what the subway picture meant. Thanks for clearing that up, Aaron!
Spot On!

The Kerry Spot has lots of content today. Jim Geraghty notes the bizarre report of "Kabul for Kerry", which apparently is not being headed by Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar.

He also mentions that Susan Estrich has joined Ralph Nader in calling for the selection of the Breck Girl for Veep.
Funny Folks Roundup

Scrappleface reports that Kerry feels Clinton's endorsement is a "badge of honor".

"How can I express how much President Clinton's remarks mean to me?" said Mr. Kerry, who is also a U.S. Senator, "I couldn't be prouder if I had been impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, but not removed from office."

The Commissar advises us that he has infiltrated the Alliance of Digital Brownshirts.

Allah suggests some new campaign posters for Jack Ryan.

Filibuster Cartoons has a good one on the passing of the torch to John Kerry, and another on the Ugly American.

Chicago Ray highlights Bill Clinton's lesser-known book.

Bill Clinton was playing poker in LA last night.
People, People Who Need Botox...

Does Kerry Believe in the Existence of Evil?

Daniel Henninger points out that Kerry's base does not believe in the existence of evil.

Since the days of September 11, President Bush has called the Islamic radicals evil. He refers to them as "the evil-doers," a somewhat archaic phrase redolent of religious belief. Clearly one source of the tension between Mr. Bush and his opponents, here and in Europe, is that they would prefer to discuss this subject in some other way.
Thursday, June 24, 2004
Just In Case There's An Overflow Crowd

Kerry : A video monitor shows the image of Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry as he delivers a speech at a meeting with the Service Employees International Union in San Francisco.

Even in San Francisco they can't get excited about DYKWIA.
Sorry for the Light Blogging This Evening

I've been feeling crappy since the mid-afternoon--running a temperature of a little over 100, which is very unusual for me--usually if i'm sick I run around 99 degrees max. I am hopeful I'll feel better tomorrow.
Useful Fools Pounding Nuancy Boy

John Moore takes on Kerry's statements about committing atrocities and points out that apparently the Vietnamese communists are still quoting Kerry:

How many Americans know that just this month, the communist Vietnamese government attacked US policy in Iraq, in an article which" proved" that the United States fought using atrocities as a daily routine event, using the name and quotes from John Kerry. [NOTE: the article linked is on a web site in Vietnam, run by the Vietnamese News Service, controlled by the Vietnamese Government.

Unfortunately the link to the article appears busted.

John also examines McCain's decision not to run for Veep on the Democratic ticket. Be sure to check out the links on that post--great stuff.
John F'ing Kerry Shows Where He Got the Nickname

New to the Blogroll--Welcome the Mighty Righty!

We saw a comment from stelfaul of the Mighty Righty in our post about a group of John Kerry supporters hiring convicted sex offenders to go door to door registering voters. We cruised over to his site, and were very impressed. Lots of links, good photos, and a very active forum area. Looks like a group effort.
Blogger Roundup

Chicago Ray continues to impress with his political parodies. Note the updated URLs for him under Funny Folks and in the blogroll as The Right is Right. As I've commented on his blog, Ray's stuff is hilarious and I predict that his blog will start to take off soon.

Michael King reports on the Congressional Black Caucus' angry attempt to get Ralph Nader to drop out of the race.

Viking Pundit discovers that Kerry's rush back to the Senate is curious, because the stated reason was that Kerry makes veterans' issues his priority. Turns out Kerry's missed three votes already on veterans' issues. Eric's been doing a great job of covering AWOL Kerry's absence from the Senate.

Fred Schoeneman discovers walrus-blogging. He also covers the fallout from the NY Times' panning of the Clinton biography.
Hewitt on a Roll!

Hugh Hewitt has a bunch of bloggy goodness for his readers today. He starts out with a look at the recent Annenburg Survey (warning: PDF file). The May report had the country at 33% right track, 58% wrong track, horrific numbers for President Bush. The June report shows substantial improvement, with 40% right track, 50% wrong track. We've still got a ways to go, but the train is heading in the right direction.

He also notes two recent stories about Nuancy Boy. Kerry recently returned to the Senate to cast a vote on a veterans' bill. However, the vote was delayed and Kerry departed in a huff. Also, Kerry claimed President Bush was the "greatest divider as president". Hugh notes that Reagan did a pretty good job dividing the country; 49 states for the Republicans, one state for the Democrats.

Kerry aides had talked him out of this sort of petty outburst after his microphone caught him whispering about his enemies earlier this spring, but Kerry's toxic combo of a deep sense of privilege and a weird paranoia is very near to the surface, and any inconvenience --like the Senate's having a schedule that doesn't fit his grandstanding-- brings out the bully-boy in him.

In case you don't know, Hugh's not solely a blogger. He's also, in my opinion, the host of the finest radio talk show today. He has great guests (including a weekly segment with the incomparable Mark Steyn), a lively sense of humor, and solid insight into the political scene. Of course, he does root for the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns, which raises some questions about his sanity.

If you haven't heard him before, make a point to check for your local station here. You can also listen live over the internet or to the last program if it's not between 3-6 PM West Coast time. I listen to Rush, Sean, Michael Medved and Laura Ingraham, but Hugh's program is the one that I have a special alarm set up on my computer to let me know it's time for "going up the country." Give him a listen, you'll thank me for recommending him.
The Nader Factor

Polls show Kerry with a six-point lead over President Bush in the state of Pennsylvania. But that lead boils down to one point in a three-way race with Ralph Nader. If you know any Democrats in PA, urge them to see the Michael Moore film!

Free Radical

Crush Kerry has a great new video exposing Nuancy Boy's consistent embrace of radicalism throughout his life, and reminds us that it is not exactly surprising that Kerry's supporters would hire convicted sex offenders to go door to door registering voters. After all, one of Kerry's good friends is Peter Yarrow of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary. Yarrow was convicted of child molesting back in 1970 and served three months in jail.

Kitty's Back!

Kitty's returned from her tour of duty caring for her mom after surgery, and she's loaded for bear. Bill Clinton gets a full helping of whup-ass.
My Boring Life

Clinton's book, which at least according to Drudge, is not flying off the shelves is condensed to the interesting bits by Slate.

Mort Kondracke argues that the book won't help John Kerry.

Bill Clinton reacts to his critics here.

I'm angry. They never gave my book a chance. They didn't read 957 pages. They skimmed through it. Their opinion of my book is unjustified. If they would just read it. But no, they got their opinion about this randy fat boy ready, right? What can I do? What if Americans follow their opinion and don't read my book? Why is everybody jumping on the Bash Clinton bandwagon? Why?
Moore's Film Could Hurt Kerry

James Pinkerton points out that Moore's film will do best in the fever swamps of leftie land. Ironically the prime beneficiary could be the man Moore campaigned for in 2000, Ralph Nader.

Here's the rub: The more left-leaning the locale, the more likely that third-party candidate Ralph Nader will be a force there, too.


A review of federal campaign finance and state criminal records by The Associated Press revealed that the names and hometowns of dozens of ACT employees in Missouri, Florida and Ohio matched those of people convicted of crimes such as burglary, forgery, drug dealing, assault and sex offenses.

Although it works against the re-election of President Bush, ACT is an independent group not affiliated with Kerry's campaign -- federal law forbids such coordination. Yet ACT is stocked with veteran Democratic political operatives, many with past ties to Kerry and his advisers.

I'm shocked, shocked to hear this! I thought Kerry's supporters had some integrity. Apparently not.
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
The First Secretary of Peace?

I gotta say it; after four (!) months of covering Nuancy Boy, Barbra almost seems sane.
Count the Clappers Game

Kerry is supposedly reacting to a standing ovation. But if you look closely at the pictures, there's nobody around with their hands in the air except for photographers and cameramen, of which there are certainly a lot.
War Dividends

The left loves to tabulate the cost of the Iraq war. My best guess is $250 billion, which is a hell of a lot of money. But, that's the gross cost to the government. A lot of that money is payment to soldiers, and corporate suppliers.

But, as Hugh Hewitt points out, what about the war dividends? Libya announces hey, we were working on nukes, but we won't anymore. Saddam Hussein and his evil family no longer ruling Iraq. Twenty five million people freed--one tenth of the people in our country--from a horrific regime. Remember, National Geographic estimated the number of people killed under Saddam to be somewhere between 5 and 7 million. Add to that the potential cost of a nuke exploded somewhere in Manhattan; my suspicion is that my spreadsheet would start to give me one of those scientific notation numbers like 1.3 X 10^23--that is, that you cannot calculate the cost--the numbers are too great.

I have a brother who works in the old Pan Am Building, right above Grand Central Station. I don't want to see a nuke exploded in New York, I don't want to see one exploded in DC. I want us all to say 20-30 and more years from now that 9-11 was the most memorable day of our lives. I am not kidding when I say that the election of John Kerry would make that less likely. And that is why I hate John Kerry--because he flirts with the lives of millions, including potentially my brother's.
Welcome Right Wing News Readers!

We're thrilled to be on John Hawkin's reading list for today, hope to be on all your reading lists tomorrow. As we like to say, we're not fonda John Kerry, but despite the name, we are trying to be informative on the presumptive Democratic nominee, while maintaining a puckish sense of humor. The only anger you're likely to see on this blog is in the comments from our occasional visitors from the Democrats.
Chicago Ray Looks at the Pessimism Tour

He's got a few words for the Boston Fog Machine.
Moonbat Madness

Bill from InDC Journal has completed his anthropological study of the moonbats on the left. Go read, it's hilarious.

Hat Tip: Captain's Quarters
Legion Roundup

Right Wing & Right Minded has an updated version of the Whack-A-Mole game.

Crush Kerry has some photos that show why gun owners should not vote for Jean Kerree.

Anti-John Kerry has an interesting photo of the Roman Senator, Johnus Kerryus.

Stop Hanoi John Kerry has the proof that Kerry is two-faced.

Kerry Spot covers a conference call with Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon. Smith makes fun of Kerry's Pessimism Tour. Note: Still no permalinks at NRO, so you have to scroll down a bit.

I know Kerry's doing it to convey an image, but he looks so goofy that I can't resist posting the pictures.
Blogger Roundup

MJG's Political Blog has a contest where you can win an actual prize. And it's not a baseball cap or a tee-shirt, but $150!

Nudnik has his permalinks back, just in time for us to point to this post on the insanity of President Bush's critics.

LaShawn Barber has an excellent post on bias in the media. She's a little harsh on Robert Samuelson, one of my favorite writers, but she's right and he's wrong this time. Samuelson laments that audiences are segmenting where they get their news--liberals from ABCNNBCBS, conservatives from Fox News--and that this may tend to make the broadcasters more likely to display their bias. LaShawn points out that that the ideals of fairness and objectivity that Samuelson worries will be eroded, left the building a long time ago. Indeed, one only has to look at the way the media handled the 9-11 Commission's preliminary report that indicated no ties between Al Qaeda and Iraq on the terrorist attacks, which was so unfair that even the Democratic commission members were moved to complain.

Graham Lester has an interesting post on what the terrorists don't want, and also covers Newt Gingrich's secret life as a reviewer of books on Amazon.
USA Today Takes on the Miserable Index

I guess Kerry's been talking up his Miserable Index again, because the USA Today escorts him to the woodshed for a little paddling.

By talking down the economy, Kerry may hope to pick up votes in economically struggling states where the November election may be decided. But in doing so, he risks sounding out of touch with millions of Americans who see signs of an improving economy -- and want a president with a sunnier outlook. The recent death of former president Ronald Reagan recalls just how powerful an optimistic message can be.

But he is an optimist! He's got a commercial that says so!
Useful Little Website

Tired of registering for every website? Try Bug Me Not. It will give you a login and a password for most websites out there.

Hat Tip: LaShawn Barber
Cheney on the Stump

This is why the Democrats are pushing for Cheney to be replaced, and why we'd rather keep him on the ticket:

And you know on the way over here, we had to make a stop at Johnny Moore's (ph) Bass Pro Shops. (Laughter.) We had a little extra time on our hands, and I couldn't go by Bass Pro Shops without stopping. I'm on their list, and they've got a lot of my money. (Laughter.) But as we went through, there were a lot of folks gathered around. And they wanted to shake hands and so forth and have their picture taken. One young man came up and asked to have his picture taken with me. So I said, sure. We took the photograph, and then he stepped away and he said -- he said, my dad is a Democrat and this picture is going to drive him nuts. (Laughter and applause.)

I responded, I said, that's nothing, wait till you see what we're going to do to John Kerry on November 2nd.
Kaus Overanalyzes

He's funny, but in the end he takes it one step too far:

Dick Morris' cutting-edge, self-serving explanation for Kerry's failure to be losing is that people don't know much about him--he skated through the primaries, and more recently his campaign has been overshadowed by events (Iraq, Reagan, and Clinton). Do you buy this facile argument? I do! And what's more, I suspect the Kerry campaign mostly buys it too--it sure doesn't seem as if they're trying terribly hard to maximize their time on the evening news. Which leads to the logical question: Will Kerry ever become the center of attention, or can he coast all the way through October and into the White House as a "stealth candidate?
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Desperate AZ Dems Try to Block Nader

This is typical of the "count all the votes" Democrats. They are going to challenge Nader's petition to get on the ballot in Arizona. My guess is that he has enough valid signatures. The report says that he turned in over 22,000 signatures--including mine :)--and he needs 14,700 valid signatures. In other words, he only needs to have two out of three signatures be valid.

As I have blogged many times in the past, it is hilarious that Kerry's staff is convinced that Arizona (my home state) is in play. They are wasting every penny spent here (unfortunately so is President Bush). The Democrats are so disorganized in this state that they have not been able to organize any credible candidates against Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl. Kyl ran unopposed his last election, and it looks like McCain will also face only token opposition this year, after getting a lawyer who'd been in Mexico for the last 9 years as his opponent in 1998. But the Democrats here are going to deliver the state for a senator from Massachusetts? Bank AZ in the Bush column. The major newspapers mostly stink but the AZ Republic has one great columnist in Bob Robb. He's often featured on Real Clear Politics. But everybody more or less uses the Republic's recommended picks as a guide to who and what not to vote for. I would love to tabulate how much they get right; in ballot propositions I'd suspect their success ratio is under 25%.
Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Crush Kerry reminds us this is not just about the New-Wonk of Nuance. If Kerry is elected, we could see Goof Ball Ginsburg as Chief Justice. Just as bad would be David Souter, and he would probably get some votes from the northeastern liberal Republican senators.

Slick Willie Speaks

He sounds a little depressed about the NY Times panning of his book:

The critic hated my book. He said it was all over the place, too indulgent, too dull. I felt like a sledge hammer hit me in the stomach. I know it's just one critic, but I have worked so hard on my book. So hard and to see my work slaughtered like this brings me to the brink of crying. He's just one person. He's just like those Republicans who were trying to prosecute me after the affair. I'm used to it. I shouldn't get this emotional. But I do. I got a headache. I went back to bed, pulled the blanket over my head and tried to sleep. It took 3 sleeping pills.

Rapidly becoming my favorite blog on der Schlickmeister.
New Feature on Sidebar--Frequent Resources

We've added a section for Frequent Resources. These are places we go on a regular basis for information. Dave Leip's Atlas of Presidential Elections is a tremendous website, with incredible detail on past elections. Want to know which counties Al Gore won in Kansas? Which Congressional Districts went for Ross Perot in 1992? Just an amazing place.

The IEM Winner Takes All Market Graph is a quick link to the winner takes all market graph at the University of Iowa, which currently shows Bush at 55 cents and Kerry at 44 cents.

Polling Reports tabulates all the information from the various polls and reports them objectively. Yes, they get scammed into reporting the bad polls like that ridiculous LA Times poll, but it's a quick place to find out what's out there.
Now, Is This the Senate Over Here?

MIA rediscovers his former prison. Still misses vote.
Toot-Toot Tootsie, Goodbye....

Not Blinded by the International Man of Science

Maggie Gallagher is as amused by Kerry's claim to believe in "science" as we were. But she takes on the idea that stem cells are the miracle cure for Alzheimers.

In a recent article in the Weekly Standard, Wesley J. Smith points out one inconvenient fact: Alzheimer's is one of the least likely diseases to be cured by any kind of stem cell research. "People need a fairy tale," Ronald D.G. McKay, a stem cell researcher at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, told Washington Post reporter Rick Weiss, explaining why scientists have allowed society to believe wrongly that stem cells are likely to effectively treat Alzheimer's disease.

BTW, the title gives Kerry three "International Man" nicknames--International Man of Mystery (RNC), International Man of Apology (Hugh Hewitt), and International Man of Science (Kerry Haters).
Yep, It's 1971, All Over Again

Peace, man.
Left Wing Bloggers May Be Silly, But They're Not Stupid Enough to Think Kerry Will Win

Hugh Hewitt writes that lefty blogger Kevin Drum laughed off his suggestion that they make a bet on the election whereby the loser has to let the winner write his blog for a week. Drum confirms this.

But he didn't take the bet.

Be sure to check out the comments section--whole lot of Democratic woofing going on. But Drum didn't take the bet. BTW, at that link, Drum swallows the Post's poll hook line and sinker. But he didn't take the bet.

Hugh claims that Matt Yglesias accepted the bet, but that looks doubtful according to the Mattster.
Great New Anti-Kerry Ad

The Club for Growth has a great new ad that they are placing on TV stations, showing that Kerry was wrong then, and is wrong now. Expect a big backlash against the ad from the liberal news media because it includes President Bush's memorable speech at the WTC:

We can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.

Speaking of ads, Crush Kerry's offer to purchase ad time on Air America still stands. Apparently, Air America doesn't need the money. Be sure to listen to the "Contrary" ad at the first link above. It's amazing that the Democrats want to oust someone they claim is a war criminal at the Defense Department, and yet, they want to elect someone who admits being a war criminal to the Presidency.
Liberal Media Bias Proven; Fox, Drudge Found to be Centrist

This strikes me as a very interesting study. I wouldn't call it conclusive evidence, but it certainly is a major step in the right direction.
Blogger Round Up

Itzazu Around Here says it's time for America to wake up.

Poisoning Pigeons is not happy with the 9-11 commission.

Esoteric Diatribe takes a look at the "Nigerian Candidate". If you've ever gotten one of those scam emails from the widow of a former general who needs your help to invest $22 million, you'll appreciate the humor in this one.

The Leather Penguin apparently enjoyed Christopher Hitchens' brilliant skewering of Michael Moore's latest opus. So did we. Hitchens is not always on our side, but when he is, he's devastating.
Now We Understand All Those Religious Photo-Ops

David Brooks points out that Kerry is facing an uphill battle on the religious issue.

A recent Time magazine survey revealed that only 7 percent of Americans feel that Kerry is a man of strong religious faith. That's a catastrophic number. That number should be the first thing Kerry strategists think about when they wake up in the morning and it should be the last thing on their lips when they go to sleep at night. They should be doing everything they can to change that perception, because unless more people get a sense of Kerry's faith, they will feel no bond with him and they will be loath to trust him with their vote.

Remember, this is the guy who showed up 10 minutes late for church wearing a ski outfit a few months ago. Kerry's trying to use his religion as a prop, but it's obviously not working. He believes in Science, not God.
Poll Fault V

That WaPo/ABC News poll showing Nuancy Boy leading by four gets the once over from Jim Geraghty at the Kerry Spot. (Unfortunately, no permalinks at NRO; scroll down to 10:03 PM on 6/21/04).

In the ABC News/Washington Post poll out today, "38 percent describe themselves as Democrats, 30 percent as Republicans and 28 percent as independents (it's a 35 percent-29 percent-30 percent split among all Americans, not just those who say they're registered to vote)... Those divisions are almost precisely the same as they were in the last ABC/Post poll, in late May (among registered voters, 37 percent-29 percent-28 percent)."

Is turnout on Election Day regularly eight percent more Democrats than Republicans? And independents make up 28 percent of the electorate? If that's the case, it's amazing Republicans ever win any race.

As Geraghty points out, Kerry is only up four points in a poll that had 8 percentage points more Democrats than Republicans. Another issue with the poll: The poll started by surveying adults, not registered voters, not likely voters. This strikes me as a classic example of a poll that is intentionally biased in favor of the Democrats.

Captain Ed agrees.

Based on this data, it appears that the Post and ABC conducted a poll for a specific result, trying to drive the story they want to write. Their results differ wildly from other polling from more reliable samples, which show Bush ahead by a thin margin (Pew) or more substantial (the somewhat-suspect Harris Poll). Once again, we have news organizations more interested in making the news up rather than reporting reality.
More Foreign Support for the International Man of Mystery

Seems the communists of Vietnam have not forgotten their favorite son.

"That George Bush is so arrogant. Mr. Kerry is better for Vietnam," says Tran Hoan Kim, the Communist Party's provincial chairman and a former Viet Cong guerrilla fighter during what was known here as the "American" war.

Senator John Kerry, D-Hanoi
Kerry Believes in Science

That's the word from the Boston Globe.

"I say this directly, and I say this because it is completely contrary to the record of the last four years, Americans deserve a president who believes in science."

Obvious question: What science? The science of global warming? The science of stem cells? The left likes to make it seem as if the Democrats are the party of reason and Republicans the party of superstition. But there are plenty of Luddites on the left as well. How does Kerry feel about the science behind genetically modified foods (what the left likes to call Frankenfood)? How does Kerry feel about nuclear power?

Hat Tip: Kerry Spot
Love is Green

Lowell Ponte looks at the Green Party, which convenes this week in Milwaukee. They could nominate an unknown, or they may decide to endorse Ralph Nader.

And now, Democrats fear, it’s déjà vu all over again. It’s Groundhog Day and 2000’s nightmare is about to replay itself. Nader -- despite all the vitriol, hate and threats they leveled at him and his supporters -- is back during another likely-razor-close election.
Kerry's Weasel Foreign Supporters

George Landrith hammers Kerry on his foolish statement about foreign supporters, and on his insistence that the coalition should have included France.

France and the U.N. did not oppose Bush because they thought his policy was wrong. They opposed him because his policy would expose their illegal dealings and end the flow of Saddam’s blood money. With this in mind, why does Kerry criticize President Bush for not obtaining the support of France, the U.N and others? Why did Kerry think Americans would be impressed that he was supported by disingenuous, anti-American foreign leaders?

Perhaps it is because Kerry is part of the blame-America-first-crowd and Europe’s anti-Americanism only reinforces his own views. Thus, he does not perceive their grotesque bias or their corruption. After all, John Kerry is no stranger to anti-American rants. He said, “Our democracy is a farce.” And he made sweeping accusations against American Vietnam veterans, repeatedly calling them drug addicts, rapists, murderers and war criminals.
Another Demographic of Kerry Haters

The Vietnamese living in the United States are not fonda Kerry.

In newspapers, on the Internet and at the dinner table, the generation that fought and lived through that war is lecturing the younger one about this year's presumed Democratic nominee for president, who will be campaigning for labor support in the Bay Area on Wednesday. Kerry protested the war, they say, and as a U.S. senator he coddled the communist government that eventually triumphed. Vote Republican, they urge.

Listen to your elders!
Kerry for Nursery School Teacher?

Jay Nordlinger writes that the Ketchup Queen described her husband as, "The best nursery-school teacher in the world."

Of course, we know that Hillary Clinton would disagree. "Hold that up a little higher, so they all can see it, John. He can't see the picture, John."

Nordlinger also covers the rehab of the Reverend Sharpton. Who says there are no second acts in American politics?
I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Dick Morris isn't sure Kerry's doing it on purpose, but he agrees with Kerry's Rose Garden strategy of hiding himself.

The key is to lower the volume of the other news so that Kerry can stand out on his own. Iraq must be pacified. No more torture photos or suicide killings of Americans. The 9/11 Commission must pass from center stage.

Then, and only then, will Americans look closely at the man who might be their president. And when they do, they won't like what they see.
Monday, June 21, 2004
Kerry Suddenly Shrinking as Clinton Book Emerges

My Gonzo Day with John Kerry

by Kerry Haters' Guest Monsieur Dukas

(Transcribed from a rambling phone conversation with the great author):

The phone woke me with its loud insistent jangling. Some folks have phones that chirp like crickets, but in the Rockies, you'd be getting up all night to answer the cricket in the garage. So my phones jangle. Unfortunately there was only one shot left in the revolver and my hand shook like the aspen outside my window.

"Mr Dukas?" It was a chirrupy young voice. I hate chirrupy in the morning.

"Yep," I said, twisting open the bottle of scotch by the nightstand.

"I'm with the Kerry campaign?"

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" The tonsils reacted well to their first bath of the day. "Yeah, the tall, ugly dork who's running against Bush right?". I leaned over and applied the rolled-up $20 bill to my nose.

"Yes, sir. We were hoping that you would be available at 1:00 PM to take a ride with the next President of the United States?"

"That depends. What's Longface Deeds want to talk about?" I looked sideways at the bottle of seconal. A little too early; perhaps with lunch.

"Um, well, you know..."

"No, I don't know."

"He'd like to, umm, puff the magic dragon, so to speak."

"He wants to inhale burning heroin off a piece of tinfoil?" Actually that sounded pretty good right about then--might be just the thing to cure this hangover.

"No! Just a little, you know..."

Well, of course my son griped at breakfast that the bullet had ruined his homework. You'd think he'd know by now to keep his stuff behind the teflon-coated headboard.


I'll give this to Kerry. He had the coolest van I'd ever been in, complete with an 8-track stereo (still the only way to go) and a waterbed in the back. Two Secret Service Agents in the front, but he assured me they were cool.

"Watch this," he said, flicking off the lights. Fortunately he turned on the black light before I could find a brick.

And as I gazed at the psychedelic posters on the walls, I heard "Inna Gadda Davida" pulsing from the speakers.

"So, break out, man!"
We Know Who The Aging Relic of Democrats Gone By Is; Who's the Guy on the Right?

Why, it's the former first mate on the SS Monkey Business, Gary Hartpence!

At the very end of an article, ostensibly about Kerry and his views on stem cell research … he’s for it cuz Bush is against it … was the mention of Hunter S. Thompson, whose first hand pharmaceutical experience has been the subject of a few of his books. He lives in Colorado; Kerry just did a fund raiser Colorado; ipso facto:
"Just to put your minds all at ease, I have four words for you that I know will relieve you greatly," Kerry told the fund-raiser. "How does this sound — Vice President Hunter Thompson."

The good Doctor has lived a life like no other - gonzo at all costs - thrusting himself into the thick of things so chaotic, mortal beings cower in slack-jawed awe and wonderment. Kingdom of Fear is the closest we may ever come to a straight memoir, as Thompson weaves together pivotal passages from his life with his patented brand of journalistic renderings. A must-have for all lovers of skewed truths and wild freedoms!
Kerry Cruises with the Original Revolutionary Drug Brother--Updated!

Check out the caption for this picture:

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., at left, greets locals before departing from Aspen-Pitkin Co./Sardy Field Airport in Aspen, Colo. on Monday, June 21, 2004. Second from right is author Hunter S. Thompson, who accompanied Kerry on his visit in Aspen. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

This fits right in with an earlier post.

Updated: Kitty has more up above. I apologize for not explaining who Hunter S. Thompson is, but he was well-known in college culture when I was living in dormitories, so I assume that everybody knows him. He's a very entertaining writer who writes from a distinctly leftist point of view and who (back when I was reading him) apparently was drinking and ingesting copious quantities of illegal drugs while covering the political and sports scene in America. He came up with the term "Revolutionary Drug Brothers Handshake" to describe the Masonic-type clasps common at the time. Oddly enough, during the early phases of the campaign, Kerry would often shake somebody's hand in this style--we remarked on it at least three times in photos, including one classic time with Ted Kennedy.

You know what this campaign is? It's the revenge of the counterculture of the 1970s. Most folks, when they think of the 1960s are really thinking of the early 1970s. Yeah, there were hippies, but it wasn't until 1971 or so that it became hip to be hippie. Kerry is touching base with all the old hippie icons. I almost expect to see him touring with the Dead this summer.
Stop the Presses! Actual Republican for Kerry Sighted!

We keep hearing about Republicans for Kerry, but on further review, it usually turns out to be a Democrat. Here's the first bona fide sighting of the rare breed:

A longtime Minnesota Republican and former Supreme Court justice, Ed Stringer, is backing Democrat John Kerry in this year's presidential election.

Of course, describing him as actually being for Nuancy Boy may be a bit of a stretch:

"I wish I were more enthusiastic about his politics than I am," Stringer said of Kerry.
It Was This Long

Something's fishy.
Reuters Engages in Some Wishful Thinking

Listen to this photo caption:

Media attention has focused on Ralph Nader as a potential spoiler to presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry, but President Bush could face a similar threat from third party candidates on the right. Michael Peroutka, shown in an undated photo, is the nominee for the Constitution Party, a conservative group struggling to be on the ballot in every state.

Hilarious. For the record, in 2000, Howard Phillips, the nominee of the Constitution Party, received 98,000 votes or 0.09% of the total vote. Ralph Nader, on the other hand, received almost 2.9 million votes, or about 2.7% of the total vote. Granted, Nader still faces a challenge in getting on the ballot in many states, but he's already on the ballot in the purported battleground state of Arizona, where he got 45,000 votes in 2000.
New Microbe!

Kitty points us to Aaron Arnwine's blog, called Something to Cry About (I presume as in, I'll give you...). Today Aaron links to something for Le Fraude to cry about. Aaron's blog is an eclectic mix of pop culture and politics, and his writing has enough spice in it to keep you coming back for more.
Crush Kerry Playing Ketchup with Teh-RAY-za's Charities

It's a brave new world out there with blogs and other websites finding the stories that the traditional media (newspapers, TV, and radio) are supposed to be covering. I used to think of traditional media as primary sources and blogs as secondary, but the lines are blurring.

A great example of this is the yeoman's work that Crush Kerry has been doing covering the potentially illegal support that the Heinz Family Philanthropies has been lending to the Kerry campaign, and their nefarious connection to Hezbollah. This is a story you will not be reading in the New York Times or the Washington Post. It will not be coming to a TV near you anytime soon. With some luck, one of the radio guys will pick it up.

We at crushkerry.com have recently been made privy to another batch of e-mails coming in and out of the “charity.” And we’re happy to report they are getting very nervous about all the Heinz Foundation-Hezbollah stories that have been popping up recently.

Great job, guys!
Blogger Roundup

Kitty Litter reminds us of Elian Gonzalez, the boy that Janet el Reno shipped back to Cuba, and points out how Gore's little fit of pique at Alex Penelas might just help the Republicans maintain control of the Senate.

Crush Kerry has a bunch of new content, including a look at Kerry's abuse of the American flag to appeal to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered crowd, and his website's Father's Day tribute to yep, gay dads.

Just One Minute points out that Kerry's failed effort at kite-surfing is a metaphor for his campaign.

James Lileks notes that if given a choice, many Democrats would rather Osama stay free if it means that Kerry would win the election.

Roger Simon mentions the Lileks piece and wonders about the psychopathology of everyday lives. As usual, there is a lively discussion in his comments section.

Hugh Hewitt notes that the Harris Poll, which showed President Bush leading by ten points among likely voters, got almost no attention compared to the Left Angeles Times joke poll that indicated Kerry was leading by seven.

The $9 MILL cottage where Nuancy Boy spent his less-than-a-photo-op Father's Day weekend, as Pat posted below: Rough Father's Day for Nuancy Boy
The Kerry-Kerry Ticket Returns

Looks like editorial cartoonist Larry Wright of the Detroit News is a Kerry Haters reader.

Hat Tip: Reader Mike Grobbel
Welcome, Crush Kerry Readers!

Thanks to our friends over at Crush Kerry for the link! We have lots of anti-Kerry content, presented in a playful manner. We're serious about stopping John Kerry, but we intend to have a lot of fun along the way.
Rough Father's Day for Nuancy Boy

The ever-snarky Jodi Wilgoren covers the story.

His Boeing 757 campaign plane was grounded in Washington on Friday night when the weather prevented landing at Nantucket's airstrip, which has seen only one jet of such size before. Arriving late Saturday morning, his planned bicycle ride around the island was aborted after he discovered a bubble on his back tire. And on Sunday morning, he sped out to a remote beach in his stepson's powerboat in hopes of kite-surfing, a new extreme sport, only to return home after half an hour without even zipping up his wetsuit.

He may have had a bubble on his back tire, but his bike usually has a blister on the seat.

However, he did get some of the sautéed yuzu-dusted day boat sea scallops at the Pearl!
The Problem With Democrats and Money

You guessed it.

Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry outspent President Bush by about $10 million in May and started this month with less than half as much campaign cash left as his GOP rival.

And all that money got you ten points down, John. What are you going to do?

Kerry wants to “ease” Teddy K out? Teddy's pretty big; it will take a lot of muscle. This I gotta see!

The Kerry campaign is looking for a way to ease Sen. Edward Kennedy out of their regular rotation of officially sanctioned surrogates after a series of embarrassing incidents involving the senior Massachusetts senator.
It's not like we can really control him, but he's not going to be on our list of reliable surrogates down the road, that's for sure."

Sunday, June 20, 2004
Kerry Laughing At Catholic Church?

Although the focus on Kerry and Catholicism this week was focused on his receiving the eucharist, there was another issue that the bishops discussed, and that was his constant habit of being photographed in front of religious images like crosses, palms on Palm Sunday, etc. I look at a large percentage of the photos that the press use of Kerry and I can tell you that since he became the obvious nominee, if he's not standing in front of a flag, he's standing in front of a cross. On Palm Sunday you would have thought he was in Hollywood with all the fronds. The bishops were obviously concerned with that issue, and so they decided that he could not be photographed inside the church.

Of course...

His religion is a prop. I can't remember who said it this weekend, but it's not original with me: Kennedy faced questions in 1960 because people thought he might govern according to his religion. Kerry faces questions today because people think he might not. Pulling high school manuevers like the one shown--clearly planned and posed--reveal that those doubts are legitimate.
A Flashback to the Oral Office!

Okay, everybody's talking about Bill Clinton, Chicago Ray's got a funny photo that will bring back some memories. Be sure to click on the picture for a closer look. R-rated. Here's another good one from Right Wing News.
Yep the Tootsie Glasses Are Gone

Update on Brinkley's Book Post

Reader Mike G. points us to this Detroit Free Press article which does a pretty good job of deconstructing the Winter Soldier investigation. Great reading, here are the punch quotes:

Was Kerry, then 27, just naive? Perhaps, but he seemed a willing front man, even allowing himself to be listed as the author of a book detailing the alleged war crimes.


Some had suspected his motives all along. A Detroit News clip from 1971 recounts the Detroit hearings were interrupted by the angry wife of a Vietnam prisoner of war. “You’re using these people for your own ambitions, Mr. Kerry,” she shouted.

Indeed, that has been the pattern.
Kerry Haters Evolves Again!

We're up to Flappy Bird stage now in the TTLB Ecosystem. TTLB reports 31 inbound unique links, which ranks us as #2329 out of over 11,300 blogs. In traffic ranking we're 538th out of over 3,600 blogs. Thanks to all who link to us, all who visit, and most of all, to Kitty!
Kerry Continuing to Lose In Iowa Electronic Markets

In the Iowa Electronic Markets, there are two different contracts. The first is the vote share market, where shares of Kerry and Bush will pay off 1 cent for every percentage share they get of the popular vote in 2004. In other words, if Bush wins, say, 55% to 45% (counting only Bush & Kerry votes) then each share of Bush will be worth 55 cents and each share of Kerry will be worth 45 cents.

In today's trading, the average share price has been 51 cents for Bush shares and 46.4 cents for Kerry shares. Those total to 97.4 cents, which means that the market is pricing in a 2.6 cent return beyond the initial investment. This indicates that currently, the market anticipates Bush getting about 52.3% of the vote, and Kerry 47.7%.

The IEM also has a winner take all market, where shares of Bush will be worth $1.00 if he wins the popular vote and nothing if he loses. In that market, the Republican shares are currently valued at 54.6 cents compared to the Democratic shares at 45.3 cents. Note importantly the caveat about the popular vote; in 2000 the IEM paid off on Al Gore's shares, not George Bush's.
Funny Money

Kerry took a $2,000 campaign contribution from the son of a former South Korean leader who was arrested for income tax evasion.

Kerry has been forced on several occasions to answer questions or return donations after media reports that he accepted money from donors with unsavory backgrounds.

For instance, Kerry received $10,000 in donations in the 1990s through controversial Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung after his Senate office arranged a tour for Chung at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Johnny Chung later pleaded guilty to making illegal straw donations, including some to Kerry.
Hanging Out with the Hoi Polloi

Oh, sorry, forgot, Kerry only does that when he's cruising for votes.

After a week of campaigning for the less fortunate, John Kerry went on vacation with the fabulously wealthy.

Kerry is a rich man who promotes the Democratic ideal that government should do more to help the poor. He moves between both worlds, spending the past week traveling to downtrodden places like South-side Columbus, Ohio, and the affluent island playground of Nantucket.
More On Brinkley's Book--Updated Above!

It's tough going, especially when you know how much he's leaving out. I'm at the point of the Winter Soldier "Investigation", and Brinkley seems to have made a simple decision: pretend that there is no controversy over the truth of the statements made there. And of course, the glorification of John F. Kerry continues apace:

Yet he was not dogmatic about the war--or anything else for that matter--so he arrived in Detroit for the winter soldier hearings seeking new answers to the Vietnamese quagmire.

As for the hearings themselves, "We spent a lot of time checking credentials," says one of the organizers. "Veterans flashed their DD-Z14 (sic) cards as bona fides." (Should be DD-214 cards).

The stories quickly got much worse. Vietnam veterans spoke of killing gooks for sport, sadistically torturing captured VC by cutting off ears and heads, raping women, and burning villages... Most confessions, however, revolved around random machine-gunning of peasants in villages.

There is never a hint that any of these stories were made up, that some of the "veterans" had never served in the armed forces at all, let alone in Vietnam. (Be sure to click on the "read entire excerpt" link).

Hilariously, Brinkley goes on to comment on Kerry's frustration that the soldiers returning from Vietnam received no respect. Now, remember, ACCORDING TO KERRY, these were soldiers who had "...personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country." Is it any wonder that they didn't receive respect?

I want to be clear. I respect our Vietnam vets, because I don't believe that they did those terrible things. Who would respect somebody who randomly shot at civilians? Kerry and Brinkley are trying to have it both ways here; at best they're saying respect the troops because they were only following orders when they raped and killed and burned and poisoned. But we know from Nurenburg that "I vas only following orders," is no excuse for committing atrocities.
Yeah, But She Doesn't Call Him Kenny-Boy

Remember liberal bogeyman Ken Lay, Mr Enron?

Turns out he used to serve on the board of the Ketchup Queen's Heinz Center Foundation!

When asked about Mrs. Heinz Kerry's Enron connection, a Heinz Center spokeswoman explained to the Washington Post, "Whatever troubles he had at Enron, Ken Lay had a good reputation in the environmental community for being a businessman who was environmentally sensitive."

Crush Kerry predicts that Kerry will announce his VP choice this week (probably safe) and that it will be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This is the summer of Clinton and the Kerry folks are very worried Bill Clinton will overshadow their candidate. This would be a tremendous way to overcome that eclipse ... and actually capitalize on it.

Personally I doubt it, for this reason:

1968: Spiro Who?
1972: Tom--Errrr, Sargent Who?
1976: Walter Who?
1980: George Who?
1984: Geraldine Who?
1988: Dan Who?
2000: Joe Who?

Obviously the 1990s were a little different. Al Gore was well known in 1992 (mostly for his wife's crusade against music lyrics), as was Jack Kemp in 1996.

However, if it does happen, we get to break out the Hillary Haters Blog a little earlier than planned.
McCain Pursuit Bites Nuancy Boy

Captain Ed points out that the pursuit by the media and Democrats of McCain for veep, and their elevation of him as a straight-shooter, is going to make moments like this more difficult to explain away:

The man I introduce to you today understands all this and understands it very, very well. He heard the call to action on that terrible morning in September and summoned the rest of us to this long and difficult task. He has led this country with moral clarity about the stakes involved and with firm resolve to achieve unconditional victory.

There have been ups and downs, as there are in any war. But like you, he has not wavered in his determination to protect this country and to make the world a better, safer, freer place. You will not yield, nor will he.

And that's why it's a great privilege to introduce to you your commander in chief, the president of the United States.
About Those 26 Foreign Service Officers

You may recall this non-event from last week, where 26 former foreign service officers, many of whom served in Republican administrations, signed a letter saying that Bush must go, that he'd harmed US security.

Patterico read the whole story in the LA Times and found out some interesting information.

Hilariously, the LA Times (which Patterico refers to as the Dog Trainer) starts the story on Page One, but hides the Democratic credentials of the 26 until the jump page.

Some of those signing the document — such as Hoar and former Air Force Chief of Staff
[See Statement, Page A26]

and here the story jumps to the back pages, which generally signifies that this is the part the editors don't want you to know:

Merrill A. McPeak — have identified themselves as supporters of Sen. John F. Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. But most have not endorsed any candidate, members of the group said.

(Patterico's comment bolded). Is that a classic or what--precisely at the jump point is when the paper begins to admit that they're all Democrats.

Of course, if a single one of the group were a registered Republican, you can bet the group would have pointed out this fact. Only one among the 26 told the Dog Trainer that he had ever voted for a Republican -- and that guy (Jack F. Matlock Jr.) "was a registered Democrat during most of his foreign service career." The story says "he voted for Reagan in 1984 and the elder Bush twice and now is registered as an independent." (Reading between the lines, it's obvious that he voted for Carter in 1980, Clinton in 1996, and Gore in 2000.)

Ten of the 26 have given money to Democratic candidates for the presidency; about evenly split between Howard Dean and John Kerry (nope, no Lieberman contributors).

Patterico goes on to point out that the Times gave much less prominent play when the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth released their letter.
Vilsack Sacked

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack was considered a front-runner for the veepstakes, but his signing of an English-Only law has put him in jeopardy. Cragg Hines has more.

Recalling the moment in a telephone interview on Friday, Gary M. Segura, a political scientist at the University of Iowa, said: "It was horrendous. The law was a clear example of Republican hate-baiting ... There was nothing in it but 'Don't speak Spanish.' It was classic symbolic politics."

Rolling my eyes here. Like the Democrats are lily-white on the issue of "hate-baiting". Still it does seem like the donkeys are going to have a tough time accepting Vilsack. So long, Tom!
Raise Your Steyn

Mark's in rare form this morning. Here's the opening:

There was a photograph in The New York Post a few weeks ago of Bill Clinton and some other fellow entering a room. Seven-eighths of the picture was Clinton with a big broad smile and his arms outstretched, like a cheesy Vegas lounge act acknowledging the applause of the crowd before launching into his opening number ("I Get a Kick Out of Me"). The gaunt, cadaverous fellow wedged into the left-hand sliver of the photograph proved on closer inspection to be Senator John Kerry, looking like a gloomy, aged retainer trying to remind the big guy that he's running late. In this case, four years late.
Looks Like the Tootsie Glasses Have Been 86'ed

Kerry Odd Man Out

Kathleen Parker takes on the love fest at the White House during the unveiling of the Clinton portraits, and notes that Nuancy Boy must have been feeling a little left out.

Je suis Jean Francois Kerry, the only war hero in the bunch. Decorated with three, count them, three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star. Those two didn't even go to Vietnam, and I not only went, I documented myself with my personal movie camera. I can sail, cycle, ski, roller-blade, quote T.S. Eliot without crib notes, speak in first-person oracular without superfluous syllables, and I'm Tall!
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