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Saturday, May 22, 2004
How is Kerry Like the 17-Year Locust?

That's the theme of the new ad from the GOP.
Look Out!

Zoot alors! Maybe This Is Why Kerry Is So French-Looking?

Reading "Tour of Duty" by Douglas Brinkley. The book is more or less a gushing biography of Kerry during the Vietnam era, but he does throw some family background in. For instance, did you know that Kerry's parents met in France? In fact, they were planning on living there until the Nazis invaded. Kerry's mother fled Paris a day before the Germans arrived, and from Portugal sailed to Boston.

So there's another thing to hate Hitler for; had it not been for him, Kerry would be running for President of France, for which position, I have no doubt, he would be quite suitable.
I Am Pleased to Not Accept Your Nomination For Now

Kitty posted yesterday about the New Wonk of Nuance's latest attempt to circumvent the campaign finance reforms that liberals love to propose and love to break when they prove inconvenient.

The WaPo takes on Kerry's proposal in an editorial this morning. Almost needless to say, they propose a fresh set of reforms.

If the system is to remain in place, it must be dramatically overhauled to take into account the reality of a front-loaded primary calendar and soaring campaign costs. The existing matching fund system for the primaries is all but dead: It's hard to imagine another successful party nominee who would participate in it. If it is to be continued, the amount that's matched needs to be increased. The primary spending ceiling must be raised. And the time at which candidates receive their general election checks must be adjusted to comport with reality, not the artificial timing of nominating conventions that, if Mr. Kerry proceeds with this plan, will be more meaningless than ever.
If Kerry Is Elected:

Congrats to Chris for (we hope) selling his comic!
Friday, May 21, 2004
Original Comic Adaptation by Kerry Haters


Kitty pointed us earlier (about five posts below this) to a claim that Kerry had made back in 1986 about being in Cambodia during the Vietnam War:

Kerry told his colleagues he was on Navy duty in Cambodia at a time when President Richard M. Nixon lied to the public and said that there were no U.S. forces in that country. He even took enemy fire. In his words, "I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia. I remember what it was like to be shot at by Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge and Cambodians, and have the president of the United States telling the American people that I was not there; the troops were not in Cambodia. I have that memory which is seared - seared - in me."

Pretty gripping story. But that memory must have been seared in him from watching Apocalypse Now or Platoon. As our alert reader L. Larson pointed out, Richard Nixon wasn't inaugurated until late January 1969; although he was President-Elect, he had not yet taken office.

And it is not a mere typo--Kerry was well out of Vietnam by Christmas of 1969. It's definitely Christmas of 1968, when Nixon was not in office. I checked Tour of Duty, historian David Brinkley's hagiography of the International Man of Apology. The book is pretty clear on that incident that was seared - seared - in Kerry.

I was only able to get a Large Print version from the library, so my page numbering won't help. Chapter 10 covers the time in question though.

The second paragraph begins with "Christmas eve, 1968, turned out to be memorable....the crew headed their Swift...only miles from the Cambodian border. Because they were only an hour from that country, Kerry began reading up on Cambodian history..."

They stopped in the town of Sa Dec, Vietnam. I was able to find a pretty good map here. Click on the icon next to Sa Dec to see the map. You can see that while Sa Dec is inland, it is not extremely close to the Cambodian border; my best guess is about 60 miles (which would fit with the one hour estimate).

After leaving Sa Dec, Kerry and his crew met up with two other US boats. The Christmas truce was supposed to begin in only a few minutes and all three boats were surprised when a mortar round suddenly exploded nearby. Another mortar round flies overhead and the boats scramble, but nothing really comes of the incident, except that Kerry's gunner, presumably operating under instructions, shot an innocent Vietnamese civilian. Here's how Brinkley describes it:

The same [exhilaration] did not apply for the best of those who did the shooting with result. Still giddy, one of the Swift's enlisted men asked "Hey, Skipper--did you see that one guy flip over when the .50 caliber hit him? I think he was one of those farmers, or something.

"I didn't see him," Kerry answered. "Where was he?"

The Boston Globe framed the incident a little less favorably to the International Man of Mystery:

In the distance, an elderly man was tending his water buffalo -- and serving as human cover for a dozen Viet Cong manning a machine-gun nest.

"Open fire; let's take 'em," Kerry ordered, according to his second-in-command, James Wasser of Illinois. Wasser blasted away with his M-60, hitting the old man, who slumped into the water, presumably dead. With a clear path to the enemy, the fusillade from Kerry's Navy boat, backed by a pair of other small vessels, silenced the machine-gun nest.

When it was over, the Viet Cong were dead, wounded, or on the run. A civilian apparently was killed, and two South Vietnamese allies who had alerted Kerry's crew to the enemy were either wounded or killed.

Interestingly, Brinkley does not mention any Viet Cong dead or wounded. Indeed, Kerry (cited as the authority here) says "But for all the shots exchanged, we would never know what happened. We did find out that two friendly troops who had moved into the area without our knowing it were wounded--by whose fire, again, we don't know." The next story is about South Vietnamese troops shooting off their guns to celebrate Christmas. Kerry's boat returns to Sa Dec. To highlight the geography for us, Brinkley cites Kerry's war diary, which talks about a (probably imaginary) message to the Admiral, "Merry Christmas from the most inland time unit." He supposedly meant to point out the incongruity of his "crew spending their holiday on a river canal not far from the Cambodian border." A paragraph or two later, Wasser mentions, "We were coming closer to Cambodia..."

But, much like Wagon Train and California, they never quite got there. The book jumps ahead to another incident on December 29, 1968.

So, to recap, Kerry was not in Cambodia when he says he was, and Nixon was not in office at that time even if he had been. Unbelievable. In every way.
Strip Club Owners for Kerry

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that topless bar owners are registering voters in the hopes of getting the Boston Fog Machine into the Oval Office.

Fearful that conservatives might turn off the colored lights for good, a trade organization for adult nightclubs is asking owners to register customers and employees and then encourage them to cast their ballots against the president. Micheal Ocello, president of the Association of Club Executives, said the group believes the president's brand of conservatism is bad for business.

Actually, I suspect that they're hoping with Kerry in the White House that this gal will be prancing down their runways:

Scrappleface: Kerry Refuses to Drop Out

This is funny:

"If it weren't for my candidacy," said Mr. Kerry. "There would be no discussion over my role as a Vietnam war hero or my valiant efforts after the war to reveal the atrocities that I, and others, committed against innocent civilians."

Gee, whatever happened to the libs’ campaign finance reform ideals?

AP: Kerry Considers Delaying Nomination
BOSTON - John Kerry is considering delaying his acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination at the party's July convention so that he can keep spending the millions of dollars that he raised during the primaries, The Associated Press has learned.

Delaying the nomination would be a dramatic move and is believed to be the first time a candidate would ask his party to reschedule his nomination so he could stop the clock from ticking on his general-election government financing.
Kerry and Bush skipped public financing for the primary-election season, enabling them to spend as much as they wish until their parties officially nominate them at conventions this summer.
If Kerry is nominated in late July as the party planned, he will have to make his $75 million check last five weeks longer than Bush. Because the Republican convention is timed later than the Democratic gathering, Bush will have about a month more to raise money from private contributors than Kerry.
When the Democratic Party scheduled its convention, it didn't know it would have a nominee who opted out of public financing for the primaries and the $45 million spending limit the program imposes through the spring and summer.
Microbe du Jour

Today we bring you American Liberty Journal. This is a very professional-looking site, with solid, interesting commentary and good links. He's got the right take on Kerry's recent suckup to Ralph Nader, for example.
Kerry the Gymnast?

Nuancy Boy flips better than Mary Lou Retton, it appears. A day or two ago, we reported on his rather odd statement that he would be willing to appoint pro-life judges, provided it did not result in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. It was that rare species of flip-flop right inside one comment.

Turns out Kerry has flip-flopped on his flip-flop! He now says:

"I want to make myself clear," said a Kerry statement issued by his campaign. "I believe that a woman's right to choose is a constitutional right. I will not appoint anyone to the Supreme Court who will undo that right."




I don’t know if Pat has posted these two pieces before, but even if he has, they’re worth repeating. The first article is in its entirety; the second is not, but that one is loaded with John-John’s record of accomplishments. When he speaks these days about those nebulous foreign leaders who’ll gladly support him as president, you might consider his previous contacts in worldly affairs.

Vietnam Vet Kerry Told Senate He Saw Military Action in Cambodia
By J. Michael Waller
Did decorated Vietnam War veteran John F. Kerry see military action in Cambodia? He says nothing about it on the campaign trail, but he stated it as fact on the floor of the U.S. Senate on March 27, 1986. In that speech, Kerry accused President Ronald Reagan of leading the United States into another Vietnam in Central America, accusing the administration of Nixon-like duplicity and saying that he should recognize it because of his Vietnam experience.

Kerry told his colleagues he was on Navy duty in Cambodia at a time when President Richard M. Nixon lied to the public and said that there were no U.S. forces in that country. He even took enemy fire. In his words, "I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia. I remember what it was like to be shot at by Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge and Cambodians, and have the president of the United States telling the American people that I was not there; the troops were not in Cambodia. I have that memory which is seared - seared - in me."

L Larsen noted in a comment he posted that Nixon was elected in '68 but not in office until he was inaugurated in '69. L Larsen was kind when he referred to L'Fraude's BS as a "faux pas."

Kerry's Disloyal Nicaraguan Journey
In his first major foreign-policy action as a U.S. senator nearly 20 years ago, John Kerry accused the United States of "funding terrorism." Fresh from a trip to the Far East, Kerry made his sensational allegation in Washington before flying to Nicaragua, then in the grip of a Marxist-Leninist junta, to coauthor a propagandistic peace proposal designed to disarm the U.S.-backed forces fighting to oust the Soviet-backed Sandinista regime.

While Kamp Kerry may be ganging up on Darth Nader, Bush is right behind Ralphie :)

While presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry was meeting with presumptive independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader, Kerry campaign operatives were coordinating with friends and allies in the amorphous 527 world to stab Nader in the back.

Legally, Kerry campaign staff is barred from having contact with 527 groups -- those groups operating on unlimited, soft-money donations from organized labor and other special interest groups. But throughout the primary season, the campaigns of Democratic candidates have flouted the rules, and lately the Kerry campaign has through back channels attempted to coordinate messages with the groups, particularly in planning media spending in critical swing states around the country.

Judy Keen of USA Today reports another big ad purchase by the Bush campaign, the theme of which is that Nuancy Boy is playing politics with national security.

Bush will replace his other ads with one attacking Kerry's stance on the USA Patriot Act. Bush also begins weekly speeches Monday to detail steps leading up to the June 30 transfer of sovereignty in Iraq.
Garden State In Play?

John Podhoretz points to the recent poll in New Jersey that indicates that the Garden State might be in play.

So if the political pros add New Jersey to the list of battleground states, that would be big and bad news for Kerry. His political and fiscal calculations would be radically thrown off.

Worse yet, New Jersey is a ferociously expensive state to campaign in. In order to reach the state's population, you have to buy advertising time both in New York (the nation's largest and most expensive radio and TV market) and Philadelphia (the fourth largest).
Thursday, May 20, 2004
Mr Kerry: Not Voting

The caption to this photo tells the story:

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry D-Mass., leaves the U.S. Capitol, Thursday, May 20, 2004, in Washington. Kerry flew back to Washington in the afternoon to cast a vote in the Senate against the president's budget proposal. But with senators still deliberating behind closed doors, Kerry turned around 90 minutes later and headed to Boston for a fund-raiser. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
An Equal Opportunity Bore

Black or white, Kerry's crowds are equally enthusiastic.
Kerry's Gas Pain

Rich Lowry has an amusing take on Kerry's complaints about the Bush administration not doing enough to lower gas prices.

The Kerry jawboning critique isn't even consistent. When Bob Woodward's new book, "Plan of Attack," was released, Kerry jumped on a paragraph in which Saudi diplomat Prince Bandar loosely talked of lowering prices to keep the U.S. economy roaring during an election year. Kerry immediately criticized what he said was "a secret deal" between Bush and the Saudis. Never mind that Woodward reported no such secret deal. But what if there were a secret deal? Wouldn't this be exactly the sort of jawboning Kerry calls for now?

Kerry's channeling the Monkees: That was then, this is now.
A Little Cross-Selling

Kitty Litter Blog has some harsh words for the 9-11 commission, that I second emphatically. Meanwhile, Brainster's looks into why rich celebrities are liberal.
Microbe of the Day

Today we point you to No Pundit Intended (Great name!), the blog of Joel Gaines. Mr Gaines describes his blog as "Op-ed political commentary of a mostly conservative nature." He points out why John Kerry is wrong on veteran's health care, Kerry's ignorance on employment issues, and questions whether the Kerry campaign is breaking the law.
I'll Appoint Pro-Life Judges, Says Kerry

Provided it doesn't lead to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Hat Tip: Kerry Crushers.
Cap & Gown Time for JFK?

"All politics is local," Tip O'Neill famously declared, and reader Mike Grobbel has a local story for us involving the International Man of Mystery.

A Bedford (Ohio) high school student, Brandon Spader, wrote to both the Kerry and Bush campaigns, asking for an interview to be published in the Goalpost, the student newspaper. Of course, he didn't expect anything to come of it, but a few weeks ago, he got a call from Kerry's campaign, suggesting that Kerry would make himself available to speak at the high school graduation ceremony.

Of course, the story does not end there. While some of the students and parents were thrilled at the offer, others said quite reasonably that Kerry's presence would be a distraction. After all, the stars of the show are supposed to be the graduates. The local police were concerned about the additional security requirements. And a school board member raised the concern that the visit would be polarizing.

"As a board member I'm opposed to it simply because it is a polarizing decision," he said. "This campaign has polarized the country. It has already polarized the kids. Why do that at a high school graduation?"

Supporters of the decision apparently packed the board meeting.

In an emotional and spirited eight-minute speech that was interrupted by loud applause, Bedford High School senior Suzanne Johnson told a standing-room-only crowd Tuesday night that Sen. John Kerry's visit would be historic and scolded adults who felt otherwise.

Don't you just love 18-year-old scolds? The board has supposedly been assured that Kerry's speech will be non-political (I imagine he's going to bore everybody with the "You're at the beginning of a long road," speech that has been a staple at commencements everywhere).

The question is why Kerry would be doing this if it weren't political, and the answer is, of course it's political. Bedford High is located on the border of Ohio and Michigan, two battleground states. The media just love stories like this; the enterprising youngster, the august politician not too proud to address a mere high school graduation. Kerry will get lots of positive press for this, undeniably.

Plus, call me cynical, but there's this little detail that bugs me about Brandon Spader:

He actually sent out 28 letters, a copy to each Kerry campaign office around the country. He said he also sent a letter to President Bush, but hasn't gotten a response.

So the Kerry campaign gets 28 letters, and President Bush gets one? Hmmmm. However, we'll cut young Mr Spader some slack on this issue, since he's apparently going to the Air Force Academy after high school.

Never mind that some parents may resent having to go through a metal detector and having their purses searched, never mind that the security will undoubtedly stretch out the ceremony.

Mike Grobbel suggests another reason Kerry might have requested to do the graduation speech. There will reportedly be 5,000 or so people present at the ceremony. That's quite a bit more than the 500 or so that have been showing up for Kerry events elsewhere. The graduation will take place on June 6th. Let's hope Mike can provide us with an update.
Kerry's Nixonian Promises

There's a saying that you should beware whom you make enemies with, because you will come to resemble them.

Kerry, of course, was famously an enemy of Richard Nixon. He called the Vietnam War "Nixon's War", which ignores the fact that America's involvement started with Kennedy and escalated dramatically under LBJ. In Kerry's 1972 campaign, he even had a mini-Watergate scandal, as his brother and another campaign staffer were caught breaking into an office building that housed a rival candidate's campaign.

Fast forward to 2004. Newsweek reports that Kerry has a "secret plan to end the war".

But for John Kerry, the struggle to talk about Iraq seems as hard as the administration’s struggle to find an exit strategy. He hedges and he dodges; he issues caveats and subordinate clauses. Kerry’s underlying suggestion is that he thinks he can turn the war around. But he finds it unusually difficult to say so in simple terms, without offering ammunition to his rivals.

Nixon, of course, famously had a secret plan to end the Vietnam War. Stop me if you've heard this before:

[Newspaper editors] could hardly believe their ears, therefore, when Nixon said that, upon becoming president, he would (1) arrange a summit meeting with the Soviet leaders to gain their help in ending the Vietnam War, and (2) seek to "de-Americanize" the Vietnam conflict. About the latter, an editor told me that Nixon clearly was indicating he had a plan to phase out US troop involvement in the war.

The Dopiest Campaign Theme Ever--Updated!

Nuancy Boy has settled on a theme for his campaign:

Let America Be America Again

You can just tell this guy's a fabulous poet, can't you? What has America been the last few years, Senator Horseface?

Update: Our buddies the Kerry Crushers are all over this. Turns out that Kerry stole the phrase from a Langston Hughes' poem. Hughes showed his love for America by leaving it in the 1930s to visit the workers' paradise of the Soviet Union.

Here's an except from Let America Be America Again:

Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed--
Let it be that great strong land of love
Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme
That any man be crushed by one above.

(It never was America to me.)

O, let my land be a land where Liberty
Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath,
But opportunity is real, and life is free,
Equality is in the air we breathe.

(There's never been equality for me,
Nor freedom in this "homeland of the free.")

Y’see, I don’t think even kids buy his schpiel.

There’s a rumor floating around out there saying that John Kerry was in Vietnam. IS THIS TRUE?

John-John Kerry met with his lefty nemisis Darth Nader, who has been siphoning off J-J's votes by appealing to the anti-war nitwits. Unlike J-J, Darth is a genuine anti-war candidate. So, in order to staunch the bleeding, J-J came up with a new approach.

I'll pull the troops out: Kerry
United States Democrat John Kerry promised that, if elected president of the United States, he would pull virtually all American combat troops out of Iraq - away from the "death zone" - by the end of his first term.

In a move he thought would sweeten the pot, he offered this dubious claim:

Kerry also said he is confident that if he becomes president, he could persuade countries that sat out the Iraq war to contribute peacekeepers.

Pulling out the US troops will only allow the terrorists free reign once again. So, why would any other country be willing to THEN send their men into that hell hole?

Hat tip to Lucianne: her pic du jour :)
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Let's Stand This Way, So the Photographer Can Get the Signs Over Your Shoulder, Ralph

Kerry To Nader: Judge Me By My Senate Votes

Suddenly it's not questioning his patriotism:

But Mr Kerry asked Mr Nader not to judge him by his predecessors.

"I have fought with you. I have been with you on a range of issues and you should judge me by my record in the Senate," he said, according to the aide.

That record includes:

1. Being the most liberal US senator in 2003 according to the National Journal.
2. Being rated more liberal over his career than Ted Kennedy, according to Americans for Democratic Action.
3. Voting against every major military weapons system used in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
Fun With Google

Thought I'd do some checking as to where Kerry Haters comes out in some Google searches today.

Kerry Haters: #1 (Yay!)
John Kerry: Not in top 100 (not that I expected it)
Nuancy Boy: #18
Botoxicated Brahmin: #4
Botox Boy: #2 (!) #1 is Steyn's absolutely classic piece, where he comes up with both Botoxicated Brahmin and Nuancy Boy; Google catches part of both nicknames.
Kerry VVAW Assassination Plot (referring to Kerry's participation in the infamous Kansas City VVAW meeting where a plan to kill US Senators was discussed): #11 (A little disappointing, as that was the first story that this blog really took off on--I did something like 18 posts on that subject back in March and April).

I was planning on updating the Kerry nicknames list when I got the brilliant idea of googling for Kerry Nicknames. Believe it or not, I found a website called Baby Name Network which has this to say about Kerry:

The dark one. Also the name of an Irish county. A boy or girl's name.

The dark one. We could be onto something here!
The New John Kerry?

I really started to get that weird feeling (Peter Parker would call it Spider-Sense) when I read this blog post:

In the presence of an embedded reporter, in March 2003, Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey, of the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Weapons Company, mocked an Iraqi civilian who was trying to communicate with Marines:

They were just two farmers on their way across a familiar field to the nearby town to get gasoline for their vehicle, when suddenly they were on the ground surrounded by men in uniforms pointing weapons at their heads.

A little more than a year later, Massey implied to the Associated Press that excessive 9/11 rhetoric might have contributed to the atmosphere that facilitated the Abu Ghraib abuses:

"Soldiers were encouraged to make the incorrect links," said Jimmy Massey, a former Marine sergeant from Waynesboro, N.C., who served in Iraq, then quit the force and has affiliated with an anti-war group called Veterans for Peace.

Massey said "a bunch of innocent civilians" were killed by his platoon and he attributed these deaths in part to military intelligence reports warning of potential terrorist attacks by non-uniformed Iraqis.

Read it all. Hat tip: Instapundit.

“Massachusetts Democrat claims he is too sexy for shirt, car”

Kerry Is Not Sexy, Warns Gore
May 18 - Former Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore raised a warning flag about the candidacy of John Kerry today, telling reporters that the Massachusetts senator "is not sexy enough to be president."
Speaking to reporters in Washington, Gore said, "There are only three things that get you elected president—sex, sex, and sex—and John Kerry, I believe, lacks all three."
How Much Botox Did They Pump Into You?


Slate has published a few books and more than a few columns on what they call "Bushisms"--the tendency for the president to mangle the English language.

Now they get into Kerryisms. However, "Brandini" aside, Kerryisms are not mispronunciations or made up words. They are excessively ornate comments that could be trimmed down to a sentence or two without the maddening adverbial clauses, caveats and clarifications.

No surprise to those who've been reading this blog for awhile. Remember the story about the TV crew that had to coach him so that he could deliver a sound bite they could use on that night's news?
This Will Get You Laughing

Dirty Kerry has a song by comedian Dan Wolfe called Flip Flop Guy. Extremely professional sounding, with lots of amusing digs at the Botoxicated Brahmin. Well worth the download.
Oy Vey!

More bad news for the Kerry camp:

On Tuesday, Weil and thousands of other AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] members welcomed Bush to their annual meeting with 21 standing ovations — a thunderous display of affection from an audience that, while always hawkish on Israel, had long been a home to more Democrats than Republicans.


His 39-minute speech was interrupted repeatedly with cheering and applause. On two occasions, at least a third of the audience burst into chants of "Four more years!"

To which, all I can say is, "Mazel Tov!"

Hat Tip to Powerline
Nader Powwow

Nuancy Boy met with Ralph Nader today. Don't know exactly what they talked about, since Kerry claims "I have never suggested that any candidate get out or get in or behave in any particular way."

Weird picture, too--Nader looks like the guy suffering from mild clinical depression. Kerry, of course, looks like a funeral home director, but that's not unusual for him.
Microbe of the Day

MJG's Political Blog has just gotten started, with only a few posts so far. But he seems to have his head on straight (he discounts the McCain for Veep story, for example).
The Third Reason Kerry Will Lose

The first two are:

1. George W. Bush
2. John F. Kerry
If Only Edwards Were Viable in North Carolina

The Guardian wants us to believe that putting Edwards on the Kerry ticket might put North Carolina in play. Of course, this is somewhat doubtful, as Edwards' prospects for re-election were so bad that he is not running to retain his Senate seat.
Embrace Your Liberalism

John Samples takes on Kerry's recent, nuanced, moderate credentials and finds them lacking.

Kerry can hardly run from his record. Americans for Democratic Action rates congressional voting records on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more liberal the member of Congress. According to political scientist William Mayer, Kerry has an average ADA score of 92, a rating similar to the scores of Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, and Patrick Leahy. In fact, among all the senators who served from 1972 to 1999, 90 percent had a more conservative ADA score than Kerry's average. If Kerry is not a liberal, he has recently changed his views.

Instead of the bait-and-switch, Kerry should follow Cronkite's advice. He should embrace rather than reject the liberal label. The American electorate deserve truth-in-packaging in their presidential candidates, and, whatever his fate, Kerry will be fondly recalled as a man of conviction. If Kerry continues to deny his own beliefs, he will appear to be a man willing to do anything to gain the presidency. Of course, that's a laughable characterization. Isn't it?
Great New Anti-Kerry Ad at Crush Kerry

Go and see "Only Thinner". To which I would add, "Only More Liberal!"
Congratulations, Lucianne!

As an L-Dotter from the early days, I am pleased with their announcement that they have reached the two million hits a day mark!
Left Getting Restless Over Kerry

Robert Sam Anson, who recently confirmed the story that Kerry did not sleep on the mall with his "Band of Brothers" back in 1971, has an article in the NY Observer attacking Nuancy Boy from the left.

Midst these events, Mr. Kerry issued what the Associated Press described as "his fullest criticism yet" of Mr. Bush’s handling of the war: "I mean, this is not a success," he said. "I think that it’s been one miscalculation after another, frankly."

Weigh that for outraged megatonnage.

He cites a young gal who posted on Common Dreams:

"Dear Mr. Kerry," she wrote. "You don’t represent me. Who am I? I am a young voter, like the millions of young voters across the country who have been revved up by someone other than you. We have been aching for a candidate we can really get behind. We found it in Kucinich. We found it in Dean. We found it in Sharpton. We haven’t found it in you.

Okay, that one got a big grin out of me--Kucinich and Sharpton got microscopic percentages of the vote in the primaries, and Dean got swamped. But still, the argument is important. It is plain that despite all the ABB rhetoric, the left is looking for moral purity from their candidate.

These last two weeks have been rather depressing for the Republican side. The good news is that Democrats aren't feeling any better.

I’m using this picture more and more when posting a Kerry item because the photographer, in an F-stop flash, unwittingly caught the quintessential L’Fraude. Kerry thinks way too much of himself. He truly believes he’s entitled to positions of wealth and power, things we hoi polloi have no right to even covet. And that’s how he thinks of us, y’know: we’re common and stupid and far less evolved than he. Look at his expression: Does it not scream volumes? And Kerry is especially contemptuous of President Bush.

From The Prowler at TAS is Insolence on the Ground.

TARMAC LOITERER: Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry belittled President Bush while the candidate's plane sat on the tarmac in Topeka, Kansas, on Monday. After making his speech commemorating the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, Kerry and his entourage were boarding the Kerry charter, then due to fly west to Oregon. An advance staffer for the candidate informed Kerry that they had to hurry and take off so that the airspace around the airport could be secured for President Bush's arrival.
Kerry refused to move quickly, instead loitering and refusing to take his seat on the plane.
At one point, Kerry asked reporters, "You mean, you're not staying for what's his name?"

ONE VOTE SHORT: Democratic Senate leader Tom Daschle was said by senior leadership staffers to be furious with his colleague, Sen. John Kerry for missing a vote last week that would have extended unemployment benefits.
"We just got outflanked by the Republicans," says a leadership staffer. "Kerry knew about the vote. Daschle asked him to be there. We asked Kennedy to make clear to him how important we thought the vote was, but Kerry ignored them. He's basically no longer a U.S. Senator. He a full-time candidate."

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
I Do Not Fall Down At Hearts!

It pays to read through to the end of a Judi Wilgoren article on Le Fraud. It opens with this:

Sitting across from each other Monday night at Higgins, one of this city's best-known restaurants, Senator John Kerry and Howard Dean talked health care. They both had the halibut. Then on Tuesday, they spent most of a four-hour plane ride sitting side by side, even playing a round of Hearts (this time, Dr. Dean won).

but then at the end there's this:

Aboard the Kerry plane, Dr. Dean seemed to have found new discipline, declining to comment on such things as his vice-presidential preferences. During the Hearts game, Dr. Dean perched on a stack of ottomans, while Mr. Kerry stretched out in his first-class seat. Dr. Dean successfully shot the moon; Mr. Kerry tried and failed. "I played a purposefully risky game," Mr. Kerry said afterward.
The Media Does Kerry a Favor

But that's not how Howard Kurtz and Dan Balz of the WaPo see it. Poor John can't get a word in edgewise on TV and they're upset.

But the presumptive Democratic nominee barely caused a blip on the national media radar, even though he was paired against President Bush (news - web sites) in ceremonies in Topeka, Kan., commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Kerry got a one-sentence summary on the "CBS Evening News" and a two-sentence summary on "NBC Nightly News." ABC's "World News Tonight" aired a two-sentence sound bite -- to Bush's three.
You Ever Pick Your Teeth in Portland?

Kerry Haters has the evidence in case he tries to deny it.
Blog Thoughts

I added a section for New Microbes on the blogroll to send a little traffic to the newer blogs that interest me. I know from experience how exciting it can be to suddenly get some traffic coming to your blog (thanks, Kitty!). Red Line Rants doesn't have any explanatory information, but Tyler seems to have the basic format down--link to a news story and comment.

Yesterday was the biggest day for traffic on this blog, finally surpassing the 410 or so hits we got the day Hugh Hewitt linked us. Most of the hits were folks looking for Alexandra Kerry's see-through dress (and it's down about 5 pages if you just came here looking for that). Of course, we didn't have the picture before everybody else, but by luck I had posted something a day or two earlier about her new film premiering at Cannes, so for awhile we were in the top ten search results for Alexandra+Kerry+Cannes at Yahoo and MSN. Even better, folks who thought Kerry's daughter was named Alexandria got us as the third result because Kitty posted something about a company based in Alexandria, VA. Don't know how you can predict things like that, but sometimes you just get lucky. On Brainster's Blog, I posted a proposed lineup for Gore TV that included (porn star and AIDS victim) Laura Roxx doing the news while stripping; sure enough I started getting hits from people looking up Ms Roxx on the search engines (and I am sure this post will send more our way). This is of course a double-edged sword; there is not much sense in attracting a lot of porn fans to this site.
A Hearty Handclasp

You can tell these guys really like each other--NOT!
The Vermonster Speaks

Got an email from my good buddy, Governor Howard Dean. He wants us all to vote for John Kerry. Here are his stated reasons for thinking Kerry would make a great president:

But John Kerry is our candidate....

That's it. That is the only positive thing Dean has to say for Kerry. The rest of the email is the typical trashing of President Bush.

But not for Sen. Razzle-Dazzle.
Swift Boat Vets for Truth Call on Kerry to Stop Using Unauthorized Photo

We just love these guys:

(May 17-Alexandria, VA) Today, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group of more than 220 Swift Boat veterans from the unit in which John Kerry served, call on Kerry to stop the unauthorized use of their images in national campaign advertising.

For example, the photo in Kerry’s national campaign ads contains 20 officers, including Kerry, 11 of whom signed a letter condemning Kerry yet their image is being widely used in his own campaign. It was taken on the island of An Thoi on January 22, 1969. These officers together with Swift Boat Veterans for Truth call upon him to cease the unauthorized use of their photo by his campaign. They are jointly submitting the attached letter to John Kerry. (Photo, letter to Kerry, link to authorized use of the photo and earlier letter to Kerry below.)

Of the remaining eight officers in the photo: two are deceased and four do not wish to be involved in any manner; only two of the 20 are believed to support Kerry.

If you follow the link, you have to click on Media, then Swift Boat Veterans for Truth call on...
Kerry's Gas Attack

Kerry's solution to the gas crisis?

In remarks prepared for delivery to a round-table discussion on economic opportunity, Kerry promised to provide relief by suspending filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, working more effectively with oil-producing nations and enacting simpler and cleaner national fuel strategies.

Actually, that first idea makes some sense to me--why buy gas when prices are high and supplies are tight? The second is Kerry's solution to everything. And the third is the one the left wants to hear.
Another Foreign Leader for Kerry

Carlos Alberto Montaner has the lowdown:

Kerry, then, is Castro's candidate. Not because Castro thinks Kerry is pro-communist but because Kerry appears to be less risky than Bush and more convenient to guarantee the survival of Castro's regime. What would Castro expect from a government presided by Kerry? Curiously, in an early phase the Cuban government would be contented with the simple resumption of full diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington, as Cuban official Ramiro Abreu openly told an influential member of the U.S. Democratic Party recently, in his office at the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

Kerry's First Wife--Updated!

Newsweek gives her the once-over.

Now that the first love of Thorne's life is the presumptive Democratic nominee, her dreams of escaping politics may be dashed for good. Her daughters, with whom she speaks every few days, call her from the campaign trail. Thorne laughs at their stories from the road, and she has told friends that she's proud her daughters are campaigning for their father. But Vanessa says her mother's reaction has been more mixed. "The risk of us becoming more public is concerning for her. It's been a funny balancing act, trying to not make [her] an enigma but also to let her have her own life."

Update: Kerry Crushers has more on this, including Kerry's status as a deadbeat dad(!). They also take on the annulment of Kerry's 14-year marriage, which made his children illegitimate in the eyes of the church.
Monday, May 17, 2004
Finally Some Enthusiasium!

Unfortunately for Kerry, it's for the Vermonster. Eeeeeyyyyaaahhhhh!

Anybody else get the idea that the bumper sticker oughtta be:

Dated Dean. Married Kerry. Divorced Him Three Months Later. Howie, Please Call!
Scroll Down for Alexandra Kerry Photo at Cannes

Getting a lot of hits from the search engines today. It's down a couple pages. While you're here, considering visiting our other blogs: Kitty Litter and Brainster.
The Nightmare

Found this on one of my tours of the Legion of Kerry Haters. It's written by Don Bendell, a Vietnam Veteran. I don't usually post something this long, but it's extremely well-written, has some points I had not heard before, and Mr Bendell has kindly granted permission for this to be reprinted.


Picture this, if you will. It is President John Forbes Kerry. Every hair is in place, a new Brookes Brothers blue suit fits him just right, with a red power tie, carefully knotted, and shiny black wing tips. He stands in front of that hallowed piece of black Indian granite 493 and a half feet long, and at its height, ten feet one inches tall. On it are inscribed the names of those 58,235 silent witnesses to the horrors of Vietnam. It is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, but simply called “The Wall,” and it possesses magical magnetic powers. It draws Vietnam veterans, surviving family members, widows, and orphans from all over the United States to it. Once here, it becomes even more powerful, because when one is within touching distance, it draws tears out of the eyes with such energy, they pour out in racking sobs.

A family kneels down by one of those names with the tears pouring forth, and Kerry says, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

The white-haired mother lays her head on her husband’s chest and weeps.

He speaks, “Mr. President, our son’s name is right here. He was one of the 6,077 National Guardsmen and reservists killed in the war.”

Kerry looks at them and smiles, saying, “Didn’t you hear me in 2004? I told everybody that being in the National Guard was akin to being a draft-dodger, conscientious objector, going to Canada, or AWOL. Straighten up, woman! Why cry? Didn’t you hear what I said before Congress in 1971 during the Winter Soldiers testimony? Don’t you folks understand? That is what I was saying about most of these people listed on the wall, and most of the other Vietnam veterans. It must be true. My buddies from Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Beamon, Chee, Mazionel, Laboon, Swetz, Hubbard, Van Lesser, and Harbert, also testified to committing such atrocities. I know they were proven to be phonies afterwards. Five of them weren’t even in the military, but Hollywood still made movies about it, the news reported it, books were written about it. I was a war criminal myself and committed atrocities, by my own admission. Nobody prosecuted me. Nobody cares. Relax. They made me Prez. Now, please move. You’re blocking the camera and messing up my photo op for my “Band of Brothers.” This is going in a veteran’s magazine. Don’t you know who I am?”

Pointing at the solemn Wall, the man says, “Mr. President, are you calling all of these people rapists, murderers, and torturers? You put down my son who was in the Guard. You put down the former President for being in the Guard when 140 Medal of Honor recipients were in the National Guard. Band of Brothers? I checked your voting record on veteran’s issues at the Library of Congress website, www/thomas.loc.gov/. You sponsored one lousy veteran’s bill the year you ran for President, and only 4 others the previous 18 years, and they never saw the light of day.”

The new President gets uncomfortable and moves away, but he runs into Mike Benge, a man from USAID.

Benge says, “President Kerry, I was held in captivity by the North Vietnamese for five damned years, and I was tortured by my North Vietnamese captors while being read your testimony, as well as comments by Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark. When we, the American POW’s, came home during Operation Homecoming, we told you that there were more American POW’s left behind, but all you did, every time a TV camera was on you, was promote normalizing relations with Vietnam when you were chairing the Senate Select Committee on MIA/POW Affairs. There were thousands of pieces of evidence, including live sightings, and you buried it all while praising Communist Vietnam. Why?

Then, in 2001, the Vietnam Human Rights Bill HR2833 passed in the House by a majority of 410-to-1. It would have economically forced Vietnam to provide for an accountable end to human rights abuses against minorities, but you stalled it in committee in the Senate and let the bill die, along with many more Montagnards, our staunchest allies. Why, Mr. President? And please don’t give me your crap about riders being attached to the bill. If that was the case, it would not have passed the House by such an overwhelming majority. Why?”

Kerry grins and wraps his arm around Mike Benge’s shoulders and whispers, “Mike, come on, wake up and smell the coffee. Didn’t you read the article in the BOSTON HERALD on June 16, 1993 by Michael Nell, the financial columnist for the paper?”

Mike gives Kerry a strange look, replying, “No.”

John Kerry continues, “The article, Man, tells about a $ 905,000,000 contract Hanoi awarded to Collier’s Jardine, a subsidiary of Boston-based Colliers International, to build a deep sea port facility at Vung Tau. Then Hanoi gave Collier’s the exclusive real estate development rights for the whole damned country of Vietnam. You know what that’s worth?”

Benge said, “Probably billions. So?”

Kerry laughs and says, “Yeah, and the CEO of Colliers International then was my first cousin, C. Stewart Forbes. Isn’t that great? It happened as soon as I closed the books on the POW issue. I have my money in three blind trusts, Man. 2001? Hell, even in the mid-nineties, my Senatorial Disclosure Statements show that I own stock in companies that have subsidiaries in Vietnam. Mikey, who do you suppose administrates my blind trusts?”

Benge is amazed and says, “Your cousin?”

Kerry laughs and claps him on the shoulder saying, “I’ll never tell!” and he pauses, then continues, “but frankly, Mike, I simply don’t care anyway. I just wanted votes.”

Kerry chuckles, while Benge stares, open-mouthed.

Then, the rookie President leans forward and continues, “People believe me. It’s easy, man. I say what I want, when I want, and they believe it, because democrats are very passionate, so they want to believe me. If republicans try to warn them or warn independents, I just attack the republicans and say they are slinging mud. Cool, huh?”

“Even after all I’ve done, I can still go on TV and simply call vets my Band of Brothers, and I am a war hero to everyone.”

Kerry shouts gleefully, “Get this: I voted against the first Gulf War, but for the current War in Iraq. Then I voted against the money for it. I publicly criticized Bush for our intel, but I voted to decrease the CIA and NSA by 80%, and even the FBI by 60%. This was one of my better ones. Then I said Bush was decimating VA, when he actually doubled the growth for veterans over Clinton. I said Bush was underpaying our military and the truth is he has raised their pay by 21% since taking office, and I have voted against military pay raises 12 times! All I have to do is go on TV and lay all the blame on Bush, and the suckers buy it. I amaze myself!”

Benge says, “Aren’t you ashamed of all this?”

Kerry says, “No. Here’s my best shot yet, though. Remember that the whole free world swore we would never allow another Adolph Hitler? Saddam Hussein had killed over 300,000 of his own citizens. He used gas on thousands of innocent Kurds, men, women, and children. Nerve Gas, Man! You know, body shaking, can’t breathe, soil your pants, pee yourself, excruciating pain: Gas, a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Remember the Gulf War and all the Scuds Hussein shot into Israel while Baghdad was being attacked by us? Plus, in the government, we had numerous classified intel reports about Hussein and the al Q’Aida both buying SADM’s off the weapons black market. You know, Backpack Nuclear Bombs. USSR admitted to leaving 20 behind in Afghanistan. Hey man, it would only take one under a bench in Tel Aviv, London, or Phoenix and, Boom! World War III! Everyone, Kerry, Clinton, Kennedy, Albright, Gore, they all said that we had to use force and stop Hussein. I mean, like where is the dividing line, Man, when someone becomes a Hitler? So, who was going to stop him, France, Germany, Spain? Ha, ha. We’re the only superpower left. So, we attacked Iraq and deposed Hussein, but my guys claimed it was a war for oil and that Bush lied about WMD. Doesn’t matter that it is now a mid-eastern fledgling democracy, and we have no more visions of Scuds, maybe with gas, exploding in Israel. I spun it cool man, all against Bush. They even called him a draft dodger, when he volunteered for extra duty by becoming a jet pilot. They call me a war hero, even after my former boss and fellow sailors all said I am a phony and some of my medals were phony as could be and I am unfit to be commander in chief.”

Mike Benge says, “You are sick!”

Kerry laughs, saying, “No. I’m President of the US of A, and those suckers I call my Band of Brothers helped vote me in! Think about it: 18 years in the Senate, and I only proposed five damned bills for veterans that went nowhere, and they buy my Band of Brothers line!”

Benge says, “How did they help vote you in?”

Kerry got an evil grin on his face, kind of like Lurch from the Addam’s Family on his first pot high.

He said, “Simple, they didn’t do anything. They kept quiet, like always. I waltzed right into the White House.”

I awakened with a scream, and then looked all around, chest-heaving. I blinked my eyes. I calmed myself, now remembering that the Band of Brothers were mine, not Kerry’s. He betrayed his brothers in arms in 1971, and was cast out of our family. He threw away his right to be called one of us when he tossed it over a fence at the Capitol, along with a handful of medals.

Awake now, I remembered: I called on my fellow warriors to forget our swords and pick up our pens, our cell phones, and our computer keypads, and make ourselves known as the proud, hard-working American citizens that we are.

I told my fellow vets what I had said before, “Medals do not make a man, morals do.”

They agreed.

We went to war again, in voting booths, radio shows, editorial pages, conversations with friends and relatives, and with letters to the major sponsors of network TV shows and liberal newspapers demanding change or a boycott of their products. We, the veterans of all wars, of all parties, determined that the politicians and media would not make us lose this one. We protected our commander-in-chief, who would not let us forget 9-11, who led the charge against terrorists worldwide, who got a would-be Hitler to hide in a spiderhole, while his people were liberated, and who made former terror-sponsor Qadaffi crawl to us with his tail between his legs, insured that Afghan women could proudly show their faces again, and knew that he would protect our grandchildren. We insured that George W. Bush got re-elected, because we all were tired of the years of depression, nightmares, and an unrelenting media making us want to retreat into the depths and safety of our former womblike foxholes. With God as our Commanding Officer, my Band of Brothers, 25,000,000 of us, rose up, and won this war. Nobody could have stopped us.


Don Bendell served as an officer in four Special Forces Groups, including a tour on a green beret A-team(Dak Pek) in Vietnam in 1968-1969, and was in the Top Secret Phoenix Program, is a top-selling author of 21 westerns, science fiction, and non-fiction Vietnam books, with over 1,500,000 copies of his books in print worldwide, a 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall of Fame, a 7th degree black belt master in four martial arts, and owns karate schools in southern Colorado.

Hat Tip: Kerry Waffle House
Kerry Ducks Out of Massachusetts to Avoid Gay Marriage Storm?

That seems to be the implication.

Senator John F. Kerry left Massachusetts yesterday on the eve of historic gay-marriage ceremonies there, flying to Las Vegas to deliver a speech to the Teamsters union and then heading to Kansas for a major speech today on the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education civil rights ruling.
Kerry's Daughter's Film

AP has more on the movie. Sounds like a roman a clef to me:

The 15-minute film paints a dreamlike portrait of a girl having trouble coping with her father's return from Vietnam.

It shows a man ravaged by war he sleeps a lot, needs a shave and his hands shake so badly at dinner that he spills wine down the front of his shirt.

The much-searched for picture is down a couple pages on this site.
Kerry Betrays Veterans

Good article in Front Page Magazine by Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu.

Today the persistence of this anti-veteran image still manifests itself in tragic ways. A terrific young man, Ranger Corporal Pat Tillman, recently gave his life for his country in Afghanistan. Tillman was not unique in his dedication, concern and patriotism: an extraordinary number of young people share that with him. And a majority of those who served in all our previous wars - including Vietnam - were cut from the same special cloth.

What made Tillman unique was that he was a successful professional athlete who turned down a multi-million dollar contract to join the army and fight against those who attacked us. His idea of loyalty was to pay back to his country for all the opportunities it had give him. And he sacrificed all so that we might stay free.

But the repugnant legacy created by John Kerry, the anti-Vietnam war movement leaders and their ilk persists unabated. Tillman has been attacked in the most disgusting manner as a ‘dead dumb jock’ and an ‘idiot who died for oil’ by the vulgar extreme left that Kerry helped create and continues to court for votes and support.
Kerry Down Four in New Michigan Poll

The Detroit News tries to soften the blow by implying that Bush is not doing well, but the net result is that Kerry's losing in Michigan by 44-40%. Gore won Michigan in 2000 by five points.
How Not to Get Nader to Drop Out

The Washington Times reports that Kerry has not been returning Ralphie's calls.

Speaking on CNN's "Late Edition" with Wolf Blitzer, Mr. Nader said he has called both Mr. Kerry and Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill and is still hopeful that a get-together can be arranged.
The K-Spot

National Review Online, apparently recognizing a good thing when they see it, has a new blog just on Kerry they call the Kerry Spot, with Jim Geraghty providing the reportage.

Today's feature is a fairly long coverage of Kerry's wooing of Senator McCain.

"Sometimes silly-season speculation is a good thing," one Kerry adviser tells NRO. "The McCain boomlet in the chattering class has reminded voters that Kerry's closer to McCain than Bush, that he's a decorated Vietnam veteran, and that he's got friends across the aisle that give hope that a President Kerry would be far more the uniter than the great divider George Bush. Plus, simply put, it drives Karl Rove nuts."

Rolling my eyes here. Kerry's not closer to McCain than Bush is; that's just plain silly. McCain's lifetime rating from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action is 9; Kerry's lifetime rating is 92. The American Conservative Union rates Kerry a 5 for his career; McCain is an 84. In other words, Kerry and McCain are virtual polar opposites.

In a sick political play, Kerry not only lied about just who phoned whom first … Kerry or Michael Berg … but then they immediately leaked the sob tale to the media.

Kerry's Cunning Calls
Last week the campaign of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry made much of the fact that their boy spoke with the father of Nicholas Berg, the American murdered by Muslim extremists with ties to al Qaeda.

Kerry's camp claimed that Berg had "reached out" to Kerry and that Kerry had returned the phone call. But according to a Kerry campaign staffer, it was the campaign that initiated the call to Berg.

Oops, he did it again! tsk tsk tsk

Likewise, Kerry made much of the fact that his staff had to call the White House to arrange for a new time to see the yet unreleased photos of alleged abuse of Iraqi inmates. In fact, Kerry's Senate staff had failed to make arrangements for the senator to see the films, as other senatorial staffs had done.
"There was nothing different. All Kerry's staff had to do was make an appointment with the appropriate folks handling things in the Senate," says a staffer for a conservative Democratic staffer. "Instead, they make it look like the White House was trying to block him or something."

Sunday, May 16, 2004
Just Weird

Found this one in a picture search:

Bruce Bonine, a native of Mercer Island, Washington, who now lives in Austria, uses a hockey stick to slap rubber ducks down a stream in Klosterneuburg during a mock 'election' race between George W. Bush and John Kerry, on Sunday, May 2, 2004. A duck bearing Kerry's name won. The event was organized by Democrats Abroad, which is trying to get Americans overseas to vote in November's U.S. presidential election. (AP Photo/Hans Punz)

I got a funny feeling the race was fixed.
Kerry the Anti-War Criminal

Ted Stampley makes the case for the prosecution.

Much of Kerry's speech was treasonous slander. With a wide brush he falsely painted the American GIs in Vietnam as so brutal that today they easily could be mistaken for Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen killers.

The best is at the end:

Mike Benge, a former Vietnam POW, accurately observed that "John Kerry has fought harder for the Vietnamese communists than he fought against them in Vietnam."
This Should Guarantee Some Fights at the DNC

Jerry Springer is attending. As a delegate.
If Dad Were In the Picture, We'd See Three Boobs

Ah, those Hollywood film directors and their see-through gowns.

Looks like an attempt to grab an extra 15 minutes of fame. Be sure to scroll down for a picture of Kerry in his pre-botox days.

And go to Danegerus for his take on letting it all hang out. Swallow your coffee first, don't want to spray it all over the monitor.
Kerry Still Losing in IEM


You might have read this opinion piece before, but it’s worth reading again. It’s the “Thank you, John Kerry” pull-no-punches piece written by Don Bendell, Former Captain, SF, US Army, Vietnam Vet. Don't let the "thank you" mislead you; Don Bendell has penned a scathing article.

The hard-core America-hating, Israel-hating, jihad-spouting Muslim clerics in the Mideast are very excited and passing around a front page newspaper story from the very anti-American TEHRAN TIMES in Iran. In the country that is home of the world's toughest theocratic dictatorship, an e-mail from Democratic Presidential nominee, you, John Forbes Kerry, sent to the paper by your campaign committee, although they deny sending it, was printed word-for-word on the front page of Iran's main newspaper. Your message states emphatically that, if elected President, you, John Kerry plan to, within 100 days, not only end the War on Terror, but travel to the Mideast and elsewhere and apologize for our actions and the actions of President Bush in the War on Terror. It says that you plan to apologize to friends and foes alike. That is right, folks. John Kerry will say he is sorry, and in his mind, all those jihad extremists, who have vowed to kill all Americans wherever we are, will simply forgive us, hold hands with Kerry, start singing "Kumbaya," and all will be right in the world.

This is insane!

Thank you, Cal!
The McCain Mutiny Part MCMLXXXIX

Joe Biden joins those calling for a Kerry-McCain Ticket.

"Do I think it's going to happen? No," he said. "But I think it is a reflection of the desire of this country and the desire of people in both parties to want to see this God-awful, vicious rift that exists in the nation healed, and John and John could go a long way to heal in that rift."

Rolling my eyes here. Why would that heal the rift? Republicans are NOT going to be happy if this happens, they are likely to be quite angry at McCain. And the only thing that will satisfy the left is if Bush loses, which is not a prospect likely to please very many on our side.
This One Will Cheer You Up

Some first rate poll analysis by Horace Cooper.

Over the last 60 days, the Zogby polls have predicted a tight race, with Bush and Kerry separated by 3 to 5 points. These same polls consistently show liberal independent Ralph Nader with an identical 3 to 5 points.

The trend line in the Zogby surveys as well as in other national polls show that Kerry's absolute level of support has declined. That's right -- Kerry's numbers have dropped during the last 60 days while most of the public's attention is focused on the very critical press George W. Bush has received during the same period.

Bush's support, meanwhile, has risen and fallen in a cycle that is connected to major events in the news. But, and this is the important thing, a drop in Bush's numbers are not matched by an accompanying boost for Kerry. When Bush drops the race tightens, and when he rises his lead lengthens.

There's plenty more where that came from--an excellent article.
Our Favorite Democrat

Zell Miller had some choice comments on Nuancy Boy yesterday.

Miller said the nation is more secure with Bush in the White House.

"With John Kerry on national security, it's vacillate, retreat and turn over to the U.N.," he said. "With John Kerry on domestic policy, it's tax, spend and redistribute income."

Miller said Kerry has nothing in common with average Americans.

"Look, John Kerry couldn't find Main Street with both hands," he said. "You can't make a chicken swim and you can't make John Kerry anything but an out-of-touch ultraliberal from Taxachusetts."
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