KerryHaters was first to blog on the Christmas-in-Cambodia lie, way back on May 21. Too bad the elite media hadn't cast their net widely enough. They'd have had a scoop long ago.--Hugh Hewitt

Our friends Pat and Kitty at Kerry Haters deserve the blog equivalent of a Pulitzer for their coverage of Kerry's intricate web of lies regarding Vietnam.--Crush Kerry

Saturday, March 13, 2004
Diana West takes on the article about Kerry's wife handing out "Asses of Evil" buttons on Kerry's blog. She says it's since disappeared, but it's still there. The article does a good job talking about how the left seems so deluded about Bush--that he's worse than Saddam, for example. Favorite passage:

The Kerry communique drew a response from Iran's brave Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy: "Senator, by sending such a message directly to the organs and megaphones of the dictatorial Islamic regime, you have given them credibility, comfort and embraced this odious theocracy. You have encouraged and emboldened a tyrannical regime to use this as propaganda and declare 'open season' on the freedom fighters in Iran."
Al Giordano is having a contest for a new speechwriter for Kerry, apparently inspired by Peggy Noonan's observation that Bob Shrum is too much tied to the old school of "brother, can you spare a dime" Democrats.

Unfortunately Giordano restricts the competition to legitimate speechwriting. No parodies, no taking positions that Kerry has not (is that possible?). It strikes me that parodies would be far more entertaining, but Giordano is an unapologetic leftie, so perhaps it's understandable.
Popeil's Brooks-O-Matic

David Brooks slices and dices Kerry into dozens of julienne fries in seconds. Best bit:

In laying out the Kerry Doctrine — that in voting on a use-of-force resolution that is not a use-of-force resolution, the opposite of the correct answer is also the correct answer — Kerry was venturing off into the realm of Post-Cartesian Multivariate Co-Directionality that would mark so many of his major foreign policy statements.

Read it all; it's a classic column.

He also coins a new nickname for Kerry: the Boston Fog Machine. That makes nine nicknames with almost 8 months left to go. Nuancy Boy, Botoxicated Brahmin, Lurch, Herman Munster, International Man of Mystery, the Pandescenderer, Flipper, Mr Ed.
Friday, March 12, 2004
Kerry in on Assassination Plot?

This story should get some attention.

Reportedly, Kerry was present at a Kansas City meeting of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War during which a plan to assassinate Southern senators was discussed.
Boston Powers?

The Washington Times notes that Kerry has refused to back up his claim that foreign leaders have told him that they want him to beat Bush. Choice cut:

Republicans have begun calling Mr. Kerry the "international man of mystery," and said his statements go even beyond those of former Vice President Al Gore, who was besieged by stories that he lied or exaggerated throughout the 2000 presidential campaign.

A Moment of Silence

There are times when partisan rancor can't be maintained. The bombings in Spain show what this election is all about, but I can't sit here and gloat that the deaths of almost 200 people helps Bush. It's too great a tragedy for that.
Thursday, March 11, 2004
Peg O' My Heart

Peggy Noonan has some suggestions for both Kerry and President Bush. Favorite bit:

Kerry supporters, most famously in the New York Times, have been forced to spin this into the fantasy that Mr. Kerry has a special sense of nuance and subtlety--that he appreciates "shades of gray." Well, mist is a shade of gray, and so far a lot of voters think he's lost in it.
Nary a Furrow

Dowd, perhaps embarrassed by her last column on Kerry, checks the Botoxicated Brahmin for signs of emotion and finds none.
These Are Pretty Funny

French bumper stickers for Kerry.
Wednesday, March 10, 2004
He's Lying Again!

Kerry plans on campaigning in Texas? Love to see it, but they aren't really that stupid. Just the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen.
McCain Part Deux

Can't believe that this story is heating up again, but in fairness to the media this time it's McCain who's fueling it. My take is this: McCain is a master manipulator. He's getting everybody talking about him, which of course is a lifetime obsession of McCain's (but not us bloggers!).
Kerrying On!

Sorry for the personal diversion below, but I figured there are two basic civic duties in this country--voting and jury duty. Most of the time this blog is dedicated to the former, and I promise you won't hear about the latter for at least 18 months according to the little piece of paper I got.
Many Are Called

I was not chosen to sit on a jury; I was called into one courtroom for voir-dire. The case involved someone charged with driving a stolen car. I was Juror #35, the last person tapped was Juror #33. I was going to be excused anyway because of travel plans on Monday, which the judge indicated the trial might last until. I did have one great moment however. There were 41 potential jurors. Judge gives the innocent until proven guilty spiel, and then poses a hypothetical with three possible answers (which he presented before asking us to answer).

"Suppose I were to stop the trial right now and ask you to vote. How many of you would think, well, where there's smoke there's fire, so he's guilty." One lady raises her hand (defense counsel makes a slashing motion on his notepad). How many of you think he's not guilty?" Believe it or not, I am the ONLY juror to raise his hand. I was absolutely astounded--I looked around and could not believe that nobody else understood this basic principle. "How many think you haven't heard enough to tell?" Everybody except the woman and I raised their hands.

"Juror #35 is right."
Tuesday, March 09, 2004
The Pete Best of Kerry's Band of Brothers

At least one Kerry boatmate is less than impressed with his former commanding officer.

“Kerry was chickenshit,” he insists. “Whenever a firefight started he always pulled up stakes and got the hell out of Dodge.”

Hat tip to Kaus, who notes that the bits the left will use to discredit this guy are in the article.

Gardner listens to Rush Limbaugh! He's a Republican! He hates Bill Clinton!

More important, as Kaus points out, is the fact that the writer chosen to write the Time article is Douglas Brinkley, who penned the recent bio of Kerry focusing on the latter's heroism. Surely Brinkley has a conflict of interest?
We Interrupt This Blog....

Won't be doing a lot of blogging tomorrow. I am engaging in the other great civic duty, the one that you get a warrant for your arrest if you don't do: jury duty. Needless to say, everybody I told this to knows a way to get out of it.
About Those Polls

Was doing a little thinking about the polls this afternoon. Gallup has Kerry winning by 52%-44%. This seems odd to me as I know lots of people who are talking about voting for Bush, who indicate they voted for Gore in 2000, and only a few who have indicated that they are not voting for Bush after doing so in 2000.

Note particularly, politicians like Zell Miller and Ed Koch and bloggers like Michael Totten, Roger Simon and others.

What's going on? I suspect the issue is whether one is paying attention or not. One of the articles on the polls noted that while Kerry's support is soft, Bush's is ironclad.
Cash and Kerry

The NY Post highlights the suspicious funding for Peaceful Tomorrows, an anti-war group with some members who are relatives of 9-11 victims. Money point:

Little surprise there - because Peaceful Tomorrows' parent group, the San Francisco-based Tides Foundation, has received millions from foundations controlled by Kerry's heiress wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Kudos for both this and the prior entry to Instapundit for the links. Sorry about stealing your "indeed"!
Teh-Ray-Za Money Laundering?

Blogger A Man on the Hill has the scoop. This isn't one that is suitable for a one-line quip, so check it out for yourself. Great post!
Kerry Spanked by Civil Rights Group

Kerry's comment that he wanted to be the second black president (after Clinton, who was credited with being the first by Maya Angelou or Toni Morrison), has drawn some friendly fire:

"John Kerry is not a black man — he is a privileged white man who has no idea what it is in this country to be a poor white in this country, let alone a black man," said Paula Diane Harris, founder of the Andrew Young National Center for Social Change.

Classy People? Yeah, They Remind Me of My Third Grade Class.

Lileks takes on Kerry's blog and the Asses of Evil button discussed below under "What about the Woman Wearing It". Best comment:

Look, people, it’s one thing to drink the Kool-Aid, but it’s another to pee it into Dixie Cups and pass it around.

Kerry Duped Again!

Nuancy Boy has claimed he was duped into voting for the Iraq War resolution. Now he admits he was duped by Yasser Arafat.

"He was (a statesman) in 1995," Kerry said, recalling frequent White House meetings between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in search of peace in the Middle East.

No, he was always a thug and an outlaw.
The Prowler does a marvelous job of fisking John Kerry's foreign policy advisor, Sandy Berger. Turns out Berger has claimed in speeches that Homeland Security is inadequate, but advising his paying corporate clients that the department is overcoming its growing pains. Best comment:

There is enough flip-flopping going on in Kerry land to make it appears he's operating an International House of Pancakes and not a presidential campaign.
This Just In, Part Deux

Looks like Tom Brokaw won't be Kerry's running mate. Decent article but I doubt this quote:

"Anything he puts his mind to, he does very well. If he wanted to be shortstop for the Phillies, he could do that, too."

Not many 64-year-old shortstops in the majors.
You Might Want to Put Some Ice on That

Former Senator and Admiral Jeremiah Denton rips Nuancy Boy a new one.

And George W. Bush and the Republican majority -- not John Kerry and the Democrats -- can lead us to victory in the war on terrorism.
Monday, March 08, 2004
Or Is He THIS Dumb?

Hugh Hewitt was all over the quote about Kerry having met foreign leaders who've told Kerry "You've got to win this". Turns out there is NO record of Kerry having met with ANY foreign leaders during the campaign.
Then Why Does He Wear the Ugly One?

Headline: Bush attacks 'two-faced' Kerry

Quote of the Day:

"After the chaos and carnage of September the 11th, it was not enough to serve our enemies with legal papers."

Nothing but net!
Is He Really This Dumb?

Kerry sure says some stupid things. Reuters is reporting the following quote:

"I've met foreign leaders who can't go out and say this publicly, but boy they look at you and say, 'You've got to win this, you've got to beat this guy, we need a new policy,' things like that."

Why is that stupid? Because Kerry obviously can't confirm or deny who said that to him, leaving it open for Republicans to suggest some possibilities:

Yasser Arafat
Kim Jong-Il

What is he going to say? "I can't mention his name, but it rhymes with Iraq"?

What About the Woman Wearing It?

Drudge appears to be having fun poking around Kerry's website. He found an article which talks about Teh-ray-za Heinz Kerry's appearance at a MoveOn event in December. According to Fe Bongolan (I guess that's a name):

When Teresa Heinz-Kerry arrived, she handed me a pin that read in the center: “Asses of Evil” with “Bush”, “Cheney”, “Rumsfeld” and “Ashcroft” surrounding it.
This Just In

John Fund floats the idea of Tom Brokaw for VP.
Walter Mondale's Available

Mort Kondracke weighs in on the VP nomination. Oddly, he devotes a few paragraphs to the McCain possibility, but ultimately concludes that the odds are close to one in a million. The main thrust of the article is that Kerry needs to develop buzz with his pick because turnout in the Democratic primaries was light.
Arafat a Role Model?

The New York Post reports that John Kerry called Yasser Arafat a "statesman" and a "role model" in his 1997 book, The New War.

The article does note that the Kerry campaign reports that Flipper has changed his mind.

About This Blog

I came up with the idea for this blog as a complement to my regular blog, which, while mostly devoted to politics, also delves into other pastimes, like sports, books, etc. I'll freely admit that it was inspired by Kausfiles, which lately has become anti-Kerry central.

Why Kerryhaters? Because the blogspot was available. Do I really hate Kerry? That's a hard question to answer. I heard a radio talker one time explain that we could not really hate people we don't know on a personal level. But I can't think of anybody whom I've met in the last few years that I really hated, either.

That said, I am rapidly starting to dislike Kerry's position(s) on the issues of the day.
New Word for the Day: Pandescender

Andrew Sullivan has a great article in the Sunday Times (of London). He notes that Mickey Kaus has come up with a new term for Kerry: The Pandescenderer, a combination of panderer and condescender.

Nuancy Boy, the Pandescenderer, Flipper, the Botoxicated Brahmin, Lurch, Mr. Ed, Herman Munster. We've got a fistful of nicknames for Kerry, and there are still almost 8 months left before the election.
Kerry on Foreign Policy

Armed Liberal has a great post on Kerry's foreign policy speech at UCLA. Pull quote:

...it's damn easy to say 'I'll get North Korea to back off on their nuke program,' and a hell of a lot harder to say how you're going to do it.

John's F-Bombs

Drudge is reporting lots of obscenities on Kerry's website.

I initially ignored this, assuming that it was mostly comments in the campaign blog. However, Drudge suggests that you do a search of the website using "fuck" and "shit".

What I found then was that many of the obscenities popped up in stories about John Kerry; in fact, some were direct quotes from the man:

Noting my physical discomfort beside him in the backseat, Wade asks Kerry, "Sir, have you ever considered getting a bigger car?" Kerry shoots back, "No, but I have thought about cutting all your fucking legs off at the knees."

This in an article entitled "The Lighter Side of John Kerry" (unfortunately, no Dave Berg illustrations).

Kerry Explained

Mickey Kaus is trying to come up with a Unified Kerry Theory. Best observation:

Isn't it plausible that Kerry sees his seemingly sudden decisions to flip-flop and pander to this or that constituency as quite similar to his Swift Boat surprise? They're both unexpected reversals of field that save Kerry's hide. When Kerry suddenly abandons the heretical affirmative action initiative on which he's been working for months, for example, maybe he doesn't think he's failing to "beach his boat and dash ashore." Maybe he thinks he is beaching his boat and dashing ashore!

The Grey Theme, Continued

The NY Times covers some of Kerry's more notable flip-flops.

Those who have known him a long time say Mr. Kerry is a creature of the gray areas in politics and policy, asking endless questions about all the angles, playing the devil's advocate until his aides are exhausted, arguing as if with himself until the last possible minute.

Sunday, March 07, 2004
I Am Not a Nuancy Boy!

Nancy Gibbs has a ridiculous Time Magazine cover story on Kerry, entitled "Does Kerry Have a Better Idea?" The subtitle is "Mistakes were made going into Iraq, he says. He'd undo them".

Let me guess: He'd hit Ctrl-Z on his keyboard a few times? BTW, the answer to the question posed in the title is "No", as Time admits:

He doesn't have a detailed proposal for what to do next, just a plan for coming up with a plan.

The plan involves getting a bunch of smart people together in a room and jawboning each other.

The article is fawning, verging on obsequious, towards Kerry. How's this for excusing Kerry's history of flip-flops:

Like any good politician, John Kerry knows the value of simple answers. And like any other careful student of history, he knows the risks too, for some issues just won't let you get away with a yes or a no that you can live with forever.

And that's just the first paragraph! Really, at times this article is so elaborate in its excuses for Kerry that it reads like one of Dowd's self-parodying columns (see two posts below).

His message shifts: Don't for a moment think all that worldliness means he has no convictions. Or that he is weak or a waffler or a political opportunist.

No, I would not think that for a moment! Perish the thought!

Note the clever use of the "His messsage shifts:" at the front; this allows her to deflect any criticism of the piece as editorializing. She's not saying it about him, he is. Also note that unlike yesterday's NY Times article fisked below, Gibbs does not really allow Kerry to speak for himself. The piece has some direct quotes, but it also has long passages where she (apparently) paraphrases Kerry's thoughts rather generously. This allows the writer to clean up the prose and arrange the arguments in the best possible light.

My favorite bit comes fairly early in the piece. Gibbs had apparently asked him about his flip-flops, and he denies it, specifically with regard to the war.

"I don't think war is nuanced at all. I think how you take a nation to war is the most fundamental decision a President makes," he says, "and there's nothing nuanced at all about keeping your promises. There is nothing nuanced about exhausting remedies that give you legitimacy and consent to go to war. And I refuse ever to accept the notion that anything I've suggested with respect to Iraq was nuanced."

I'd guess he's read Steyn's column.
Always Look for, the Liberal Label...

Patrick Healy writes in the Boston Globe that Kerry is hoping to neutralize the "Massachusetts Liberal" tag that he will inevitably be saddled with. It contains more of Nuancy Boy's idiotic comments like this one:

"But I haven't met one parent in America who's written a letter to anybody saying, `I want dirtier air for my kids to breathe' or `I want dirtier water for my kids to drink.' "

Strikes me that as usual, Kerry is borrowing from one of his former opponents, in this case John Edwards. The Breck Girl had an annoying part of his speech where he'd say something like "If you want an America where your kids drink dirtier water, then I'm not your candidate".

And reading that, it's not hard to believe the account of the CBS crew shooting 3 minutes of Kerry bloviating and then having to coach him on his wording so they could get a usable sound bite. Why the bit about the parent writing a letter? Why not just say "I haven't met one parent who wants their kids to breathe dirtier air or drink dirtier water "?
A Gentleman of the Renaissance, Part Deux

Slow-Mo Dowd is in self-parody mode this morning. She put John Kerry to the culture test and found him mountain high and valley low. Asked to name his favorite movie, Kerry comes up with 37(!),

....ranging from his "Fellini stage" to his Adam Sandler period, from "National Velvet" to "The Deer Hunter" to "Men in Black"....

This reminds me of Marty Peretz's endorsement of Al Gore in 2000. Peretz had been Gore's advisor at college, and he reported that Gore would show up every semester with a list of 30+ courses that he wanted to take. Peretz saw this as evidence of Gore's intellectual curiosity; I saw it more as evidence that Gore couldn't make a decision between competing choices.

He not only reads poetry — "I love Keats, Yeats, Shelley and Kipling" — he writes it. "I remember flying once; I was looking out at the desert and I wrote a poem about the barren desolation of the desert," he said. "I wrote a poem once about a great encounter I had with a deer early in the morning that was very moving."

The message is obviously aimed at the cultural elites: Kerry is one of us. But Dowd hastens to assure us that he's not, despite the mawkishness of the preceding paragraph, a poseur. He likes Adam Sandler and the Hardy Boys too!

(Later addition: The more I look at the description of his poetry, the more fatuous he seems. I mean, writing about the barren desolation of the desert--wow, there's a real original thought! I happen to live in the desert and it ain't all barren and desolate when you're down on the ground, no matter how it looks from above. The comment even more highlights what a blue-blooded ass he is!)
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